Waves (feat. Erica Tolentino)


Intro (Erica Tolentino):

Want you to feel it

I’m trying to feel it

I’m trying to feel it all


Verse 1 (Curtismith):

Young kid trying to play

Reach for the stars

Speech is enough for the heart of the heartless

(?) toxic waste


Got dreams that I’m finna chase

Got things I ain’t gonna waste

I got fiends getting greedy but then it plays outs


I’d check if my ego, demons, and mental health

I got sino, kilos in investments

I see your people aren’t perfect and

I’m not projecting no pseudo-life

I’ve to make all these euros, right

Got the remedy, drop the jealousy

Cook complexity to free your mind


Refrain (Erica Tolentino):

Just free your mind boy

Just free your mind boy, oh

Just free your mind boy, oh


Verse 2 (Curtismith):

What do you know about passion?

What do you know about doing this 24/7 and takin’ some action?

I rep my city the hardest and all that’s a hustlin’

Mind of champion, bustin’ them open like Manny and (?)

Trust me there’s no one to bump me but call me a prodigy

Swear that this shit is around me

I can see haters who talkin’ just straight from their office (?) tragedy

I never paid them no mind, probably why they all mad at me

Hard on my grind, looking for my targets and building my cavalry

They look at me like they majesty

Call me a star, brother, I wanna say that’s a fallacy

I’m trying to put up a galaxy fast

Working too hard, I don’t leave it to chance

I’m playing my part in it (?)


I don’t need the advance

I see all the traps, really I need all the cash

I’m tryin’ to be like a doctor who’s building a roster



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