And we’re back…

Happy 13th anniversary, FlipTop! Here are a few words from the staff.

Anonymous Staff
February 06, 2023

We just took a quick break after a historic Ahon event, but now, it’s safe to say that we’re back in full effect. 2022 was special because aside from the many classic matches, we also saw the return of live crowds! There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the loud reactions in the venue after two years of closed-room battles. We would like to give a big thank you to every single one who attended. See you all again very soon! To those who continued to show their support online, we’re very grateful as well. We hope you enjoyed the uploads as much as we did.

To the emcees, thank you for showcasing your skills and for believing in the vision of the league. Continue entertaining the loyal fanbase with your best rhymes. We’re looking forward to more battles and music from you all. To those who are inactive, maybe it’s time for that epic comeback now!  Lastly, for the up-and-comers, stick around for a huge announcement. *wink*

FlipTop is now officially 13 years old, but we certainly have plenty more to offer. As you wait for our announcement regarding upcoming plans, enjoy the latest Ahon videos for now. The next batch of uploads is worth checking out too!  2023 promises to be another year filled with moments that will change Philippine hip-hop forever. So once again, we would like to ask, FlipTop 2023, game?

WATCH: Ahon 13 (Day 1) and Ahon 13 (Day 2)