Hometown: Iloilo City
Reppin: 50 Hundred, Walang Iwanan Brothers, Serallo Boys, Gerahay Letra
Division: Visayas
Year Joined: 2019

Arma started his rap career as an emcee for Gerahay Letra, an underground battle league based in Iloilo. In 2019, he was discovered by Anygma and instantly became part of FlipTop’s roster. The Iloilo City emcee joined the first two Won Minutes events in Cebu, winning both battles in impressive fashion. At Unibersikulo 10, Arma joined forces with Castillo to take on Vitrum and Illtimate. They weren’t able to get the W, but fans and fellow emcees still admired their performance.

Arma has the ability to mix freestyle and written in his rounds while maintaining his aggressive delivery. When it comes to his pen game, he can effortlessly switch from technical to comedic and vice versa. Expect more memorable performances from him in future events.


Prince Rhyme vs Arma

Ahon 12 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Zaito/Damsa/SlockOne vs M Zhayt/Bagsik/Arma

Unibersikulo 10 3 on 3 Freestyle

Vitrum/Illtimate vs Arma/Castillo

Unibersikulo 10 Dos Por Dos



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