Marshall Bonifacio

Hometown: Iligan/Cebu
Reppin: Dimokaya063, Rapollo, Outbox, Writers’ Block, TKS
Division: Visayas
Year Joined: 2016

Marshall’s battle against Sak Maestro in a different league immediately caught the attention of the FlipTop staff. The league gave him an opportunity to prove himself at Process of Illumination 5, and he didn’t disappoint. Born in Iligan and currently living in Cebu, Marshall Bonifacio attacks his opponents with impressive technical lines and a hard-hitting delivery. He’s highly skilled in character assassination, which can be seen in his duel against Chaliz. His showdown with Fangs at Gubat 9 is considered by many as one of the best battles of 2019. The match was so good the judges decided to vote on a draw.



Pistolero vs Marshall Bonifacio

Ahon 12 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

Plazma vs Marshall Bonifacio

Zoning 13 Non-Tournament

Kregga vs Marshall Bonifacio

Zoning 11 Isabuhay 2020