Blue Scholars
Producer: Sabzi


On my 27th round trip around the sun

Counting every blessing, reminsicing on the drum

But not for a second ever forgetting where I'm from

Others grip the gun, my weapon is my tongue


Verse 1:

In the military slum

Maneuver through the sewer that the children call the river

We coming home to dinner, make the kitchen smell shitty

And shorty felt the pressure on his shoulders but really

I jumped out the window whenever pops would hit me

An 8 bit nintendo got replaced with the indo

Eventually my pen would be the means to escape

Was 8 in '88 in the 808 state

Where the 808 kick was my heartbeat

It got me in Honolulu, Hawaii to contemplate a career

With no pinoys kicking raps anywhere near

Except for my peers

Fathers all gone the better parts of the year

At the ship yard watching mom wipe away the tears

It was hard, but she stayed strong watching four kids

I can see how tradition makes us do what we do

Like keeping things in plastic so this shit will stay new

Some things we gotta lose, some things are worth keeping

It wasn't all bad, but wasn't all peaches

I'ma teach my son to respect his elders

But not before they give him respect first, expected


Repeat chorus (2x)


Verse 2:

And I still got cassette tapes with tape on top of 'em

Maybe I should auction 'em

Lately I've been rockin' 'em

Some of them I copped, but all the rest I went and pocketed

Never was the talkative type

After "The Chronic" had dropped

Before "The Infamous" my sentiments penned

The beginning of the story where the logic begins

Went bargain bin digging, the medicine made for listening

Never afraid to question conditions that we were living in

Even if we decided to live it up a little bit

Underwear and socks: what I mostly got for Christmases

And if you ever played ball with tsinelas on

This one's for y'all, cause once and for all

If you ever held a San Miguel bottle in your palm

Or the blocks that you used to stomp upon are gone

Or all the above, then let this be the song

The steps might be short, but the march is long, come on


Repeat chorus (1x)



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