Blue Scholars
Producer: Sabzi


No matter where you are a struggle's near by

And there ain't enough time for loves to say hi

Some nights require the spark

A fire to remind us what we really look like in the dark

So let it go

Let it go

Let it go, let it go

And let it go, let it go

Just let it go, let it go

Let it go, let it go

And let it go, and let it go

Let it go, let it go

Just let it go, just let it go


Verse 1:

Ms. Mahogany, I hear you calling me

You had a dream last night that you were rockin' me

And now you talkin' of fulfilling the prophecy

I got you open like a true democracy

My policy has always been ladies first

It begins where the skin starts and ends when it hurts

You the first one to find me in the cold like that

No disguise when the prize make your eyes roll back

I suppose, makes us want to fight that harder

I know, sometimes the fire need water

So, call up your partners and tell 'em not to bother

'Cause tonight we getting far from the cops and the robbers

Doin' like, moms and pops when they made us

Simulating scenes by adult entertainers

Burnin' two meals worth of calories, later

We just laid there and laughed

It pays to relax


Repeat chorus


Verse 2:

I see how you work

Lately you've been grim and determined to win

That's how they want us to get

Now we come to expect, nothing less than the best

Just pause and reflect, nothing honest as sweat

Now we linger in the heat, simmer in the sheets

Put the tinkle in your feet, voodoo on repeat

How does it feel to make your cipher complete

Daily you professional, at night she's a freak

Now she's just chillin', I'm just chillin'

Let's inspire the neighbors to make children

But all the travel is making the love limited

Feeling like a prisoner with conjugal visitin'

Every time I break you off feelin' religious

Saying "Oh my God, oh my God"

Conversations 'til one, have relations 'til four in the morn

You've been warned I'm a warrior y'all


Repeat chorus


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