Anygma vs Greeley (Anygma's Rounds)

1OUTS: Rampage

Round 1:

Alright Step Easy, fuck rematches, I’m even surprised they booked a flight

Oh shit, wait a minute, my bad, all you generic multi bastards look alike

Alright Greeley

So many different ways your name fits your face

That added suffix to “grill” clearly portrays your most visible trait

You look like you sound like the sound a baby gremlin would make

That face says you eat straight off a greasy grill, instead of a plate

And you would resemble an illiterate grizzly, if somehow he rapped but misspelled his name

People look at your teeth, like it’s some great wonder

Probably cause with grills like that, you remind them of a stone-age hunter

They’re all grinding outwards like there’s no space under, you a cocaine muncher?

Personally, I look at your teeth and think it’s fucked up

That the child migration program took O’shea’s brother

He spent his growing days’ summers all over the states buckled

In a truck with dad

That’s when first chose to taste love with inappropriate hunger

That’s why this both ways bugger’s whole face is structured

O-shaped cos of glory hole breaks sucking off

Old gay truckers till his throat gained muscle

So strange how this bloke bakes supper in some home-made butter

Toe-scraped fungus from his soul mate mother when she exfoliates blubber

How you gon’ claim gutter, you’re a fucking gold chain tucker

Own paint huffing so I know you won’t spray nothing

But will go ape suffering from road rage every time he sees

The slow pace of a toll gate coming

He wants no delays between prostate jumping

In the pit stop stalls getting his hiphop on

Quick lock jaw when he sees a hip, he hops on it

This bitch top dog?  Then dinner’s fixed, Jon, get hot sauce

Dingo meat’s a fitting feast for victory

Picnic scene, a flip’s cuisine, head chopped off

Please explain this, you’ve lived in two countries with more multi-cultural neighbors

So in a way I’m more ignorant, yet you’re still more racist

From trucking in the states to butt fucking in Australia

How’d you remain the equivalent of a redneck in such separated places

I understand he wants to stick to his roots that’s why he acts and looks like some savage criminal

Motherfucker’s so racist, he puts the “abhor” in aboriginal

Shit‘s real hopeless, national pride?  he’s got some weird notions

He won’t ever cheer Bogut, but every NBA all-star game

He keeps voting for Keith Bogans

Censoring internet isn’t preventive of incest, but you are especially inbred

When England, your grandmother-land got in bed with uncle sam’s culture

And all this lead to a mongrel along with a long list of deformed genes

Yet to be categorized in any scientific index

Before this I hit the toilet, try to stretch and relax

But then regretted it after cos when I entered it, damn

I’d never imagine he’d warm up with a jenneke dance


Round 2:

It’s kinda like I got a world tour

Lose at Canada but invited to Rampage, so I’m still winning, eh?

You can get your world tour too If you play the gorilla in cahoots in that rampage video game

He also reps  D. Corp, short for destruction corporation

But D.Corp sounds too close to Decoy

And y’all don’t need further destruction, much less from corporations

So all that title shows is how D. Corp is just another useless decoration

Bitch got low self-esteem multis, it’s like you know better schemes could be

Sewn expertly should he evoke clever speech, but his dome’s lethargy surely

Won’t let him think fully, so stretch the themes, rookie boasts letters stringed poorly

Fucking gross, lesser being pussy

I can tell you play politics in your scene, and it isn’t going well for dude

And usually, if you’re not a sick enough emcee, politicking is your next best move

Any person or team that’s burdened with scheming from the undeserving knows I profess the truth

It’s not just that I got a whole lot less to prove compared to you

You’re a breath or two away from destitute

Whether music or repping the movement your quest is screwed

So get to choosing a separate noose for your neck to fool with

Instead of fueling your head’s delusions with set excuses for revenue

Or it’s retribution, vessels spewing, all over your desk it’s pooling

I’ll reinvent a hue when your recommended architect’s confused having checked your

Reddish blueprints

Cos you leading a league, whether in position or through writtens, is such a pipe dream,

Which is precisely why you lost your job, and now it’s Mikee’s

Then y’all invite me? Shit, I guess y’all not fed up with being overtaken by Asians in Oz society

Australia is mostly an intact land mass

At least one of your twenty leagues should have united y’all If things were properly thought out

The Philippines is seven thousand plus islands, only one guy runs the league

Bitch I got shit locked down

And that’s not even including every Flip community that stops to observe from foreigners’ turf

The fuck y’all say I got no presence, y’all feel the effects from all corners of the world

And no you can’t use our population as an argument

Out of a hundred dialects, our main tongue isn’t even dominant among our provinces

But with the English language y’all can access demographics spanning several continents

Yet hardly anyone watches? Props, your own local audience thinks

The quality of your product is shit

You’re not a monster just cos your improper chompers make you look like a goblin cobbler

Your mom’s a lobster, both for her face and the aussie bank note cost to pop her

Your pop’s a peeping tom of toddlers

Obnoxious pauper’s off his rocker thinking this will be a slobber-knocker just cos he’s

A non-stop watcher of romper stomper

You can shout all your rounds but no victory celebration for you to shout all around

How much better is my game? Y’all can shout “all around”

Even when I send you to your grave you better shout all the rounds


Round 3:

Come on Greeley, before you got hyped you used to be at least top five

But you pump and dump your botched writing and a bunch of chumps overbuy so

It isn’t a market slump when we see your stock dive

No surprise when this gets online, the reasons besides the shares

Between you and I will be lopsided

So stop trying, the closest you’ll get to art is arthritis

A rottweiller’s harsh bite is harmless against the vet when he drops science

No shots fired when I use hot iron, just this dog lifeless, baked as pot pie, y’all should try it

Your face and voice are so gravelly we wouldn’t need special effects for you to play a rock titan

So you might be prominent with the tags, pieces, and bombing but I’ll go over your graffs like an economist

You beatbox? I beat boxes to nail the coffin lid

You scratch? My thoughts will get you to scratch your noggin and it’ll also spin your neck at 33 rpm to produce some horror shit

I’m not sure if you break dance but we can chop your body parts to bits, when the rigor mortis sets in every piece can Independently start a mix of both harlem shakes

You rock a set? It’s not just fraudulent, whoever’s watching gets bored to death cos even you

Sound like you’re about to sleep on your own bars when you rap on that yawning tip

Nondescript, he’s lost his head since he’s just as underground solid as that ostrich myth

Me, I see a patch of land and envision utopian standards

He sees a patch of land and just stands there

When my lines fly over heads, they’re causing sonic booms

When your lines, “fly over heads,” you get Aussie salutes

So if the difference isn’t clear, Greeley merely remixes what he hears

While I reinvent the wheel like I built a whip that spins on spheres

Check this

Sudden has-been when this bumpkin fad gets to rush his chances

No news, truth, reviews, understand he's another bastard whose

Gums enhanced to suck at rapping

So double back, why you here? tryna club a fat bitch

Known rubbish standards, such unattractive fumbled stanzas

That makes you a so dull it's tragic, a dusty

Mattress with ruffled fabric's got much more advantage summoning static

I’ll push that shit further

Cos nothing happens when this dumby's standing stuck in traffic,

Just blues, drool, reduce, i'm running laps while he coughs and gasps, 

Tongue all tangled, lungs collapsing,

So shut your trap, why you here, just to fuck with garry?

That makes you a slutty battler, this subcontractor’s

Cunt’s elastic, I bet it's got an undiscovered labyrinth

Come all strapped with a hundred gats I’ll lunge in fast, knuckle sandwich, crush his larynx

Custom wackness when I leave you more def, dumb, and blind than if you

Were bumping Manaz

So status report, better clean up your vaginal walls

You got fucked up more than the tracks you record

Fuck shallow applause I’ll have your family mourn you

For being so naturally flawed and that’s what the real tragedy brought