Tommy Dreamer

Delinquent Society
Producer: Audible Lecter

Chorus (Aud):

I woke up next morning

With you my darling

Woke up this morning

I was just dreaming


Bridge (Aud):

The world is spinning around and around

There was you that treated me with no doubt

You was with me, even when I'm down

With all the places and people that I found

If I was afraid to love you

Why would I be leavin' you?

If I was afraid to love you

Why would I be leavin' you?


Repeat chorus


Verse (Contemplate):

Do you love me?

Or is it a lie? Hmmm..

God damn, you've been messin' up my mind

There are some feelings that I can't really confine

And if it's just a dream

I don't wanna wake up (oooh)

I think I'm not that good enough

Baby come strip down, I don't give a fuck

The love that we created

Demolished by mistakes

And I know every time I wake up your not in my side


Repeat chorus and bridge


Refrain (Aud):

If I was afraid.. (oooh)

Afraid... (afraid)

Afraid, yeah


Repeat chorus, bridge, and chorus



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