Delinquent Society
Producer: Audible Lecter

Verse 1 (Contemplate):

Ayy yeah, ayy yeah

2018 be the year, I hope you appear

Don't disappear

I ain't emotional, I'm just not being sure with my feelings

You know that it's real (ooh)

Lookin' through mirrors (mirrors)

I beg the difference (difference)


Chorus (Contemplate):

I call angels on my phone

I need assistance

I feel alive, yeah

I think I'm near, yeah

I call my phone

I need assistance (ay)

I feel alive, yeah

I feel alive, yeah


Verse 2 (Mellow Marc):

Laid back while listenin' to Pink Floyd

Thinking if I'm free or my mind is free, no

Laid back (laid back)

What do I see 'cause all this fuckin' years

I'm still here with some weed, dawg

People still are making problems

People still are making profits

People still are making violence


Repeat chorus


Verse 3 (Fusr):

I'm staying home cause I'm paranoid

I hate the public and I hate the noise

I go bananas when I get annoyed

I need a break, I need to chill

But doing nothing can't pay the bills

I need to rest I need some pills

I don’t wanna move, I wanna stay still

I wanna stay here but go somewhere else

Don’t call me, call someone else

This is my time to relax

I'm in my room laid on my back

Hittin the blue, not hittin' the crack

I feel like a wolf but not in a pack


Repeat chorus


Verse 4 (Aud):

Fire and desire with my homies down the wire

I'm down to ride, don't hold me down

I'm chillin' with my motherfuckin' crew

Yeah, you know that shit for sho' yeah

Liquor is spillin' them bottles and cases

People be dancing and singing away

I hope that you stay

I hope it don't rain

'Cause we have no car

And my crib too far


That's real shit dawg

Came from the bottom and the bottle is the same

Rain now is pouring, take a shot and drown your brain, yeah

A couple of shots and then you insane

There's still few bottles by the windowpane

Just feel the bass and relieve the pain

(I can't understand what the fuck you're sayin')


Repeat chorus



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