Delinquent Society
Producer: Delae

Verse 1 (Mellow Marc):

Three-eye, Three-eye, Three-eye, Three-eye

Three-eye, Three-eye, Three-eye, Three-eye

Three-eye (ahh)

Everything been did, ain't nothing new to say

How can you see when you can't even feel the braille?

Well, Soulo hoe the prophet

Pass me all the profits

But so lazy, feelin' hazy, our flow crazy (yahhh)

Millineal but listenin' music from the 60's (yahhh)

Hesus, aysus!

Them shoes fit so wear it

Then tear it

Then fake it till you make it (yahhh)


Verse 2 (Aud):

Look at my Supreme and Vans, one-hunnid on the tag (skrr, skrr)

Ain't got no riches fam

But I gotta Bathing Ape backpack

Branded on the rack

Sportin' all these RAFs

Bruh, I know I'm from the Third World but you can't touch and copy my style (yeah)

Huf and Stussy

Champion shirts without the money

Scented by Armani

Can't nobody can outshine me

DS been this naughty

Little by little, we takin' it back

Feelin' my liver, deliver not wack

Signal be minimum

Feelin' incredible

DS be climbing on top of the ranks!


Chorus (Aud, Contemplate, Mellow Marc):

Branded till I die mane, branded till I


Branded till I die mane, branded till I


Branded till I die mane, branded till I


Branded till I die mane, branded till I


Verse 3 (Fusr):

I got a Ray Ban and Stussy (Stussy)

Some spraycans I'm getting up

My fake friends don’t love me (love me)

These snakes cannot get enough

Batman, I see the light

Superman, I'm looking fly

Hangman, if you don’t get it right

Bitch get away with your fake-ass style!

Look at my shirt, look at my pants

Look at my cap, look at my Vans

Look at my works, look at my plans

Do what I do and do what I can

Doing my craft; making events

Gonn' be a blast, now, tell all your friends

Making some raps, spitting with sense (Off-White!)

DS the best!


Verse 4 (Contemplate):

Bape and 'Preme, that's what it takes

Just to fucking make a wave

Trend is hot put it in a cooking stove or microwave

Writers' block even though we lack

We still cop Off-white even though we're brown

We still cop it all (oh damn!)

'Preme and Stussies got two piece

I'm the man without no bullshit

If it fits on me, it will fit on me feeling like King Leonidas!

Under Armour on my torso

Wearing these shirts makes me immortal

All good, we're all good, I'm good..



Repeat chorus


Verse 5 (Aud):

Brands! (ooh, ahh!)

Posing in front of the cam

And then again, let them pretend

Uh, let 'em pretend

Buy and sell like ukay

Second-hand but it's fly

Push that ego to the side

Push that ego (ego) to the side!


Verse 6 (Contemplate):

Wearing all this shirts makes me feel like a fucking god!

We fucking flossing until your eyes see the signs

Don't be obvious (yeah)

Don't be envious (yeah)

You can't copy us yeah, we the realest ones (yeah)


Verse 7 (Fusr):

Where'd you get all your clothes?

Got it from the thrift shop

You know my shit is tight though, tighter than some dreadlocks

If you didn’t know this, man I should’ve told you

I ain't wearin' all these clothes asking for exposure!


Verse 8 (Mellow Marc):

Better off dead (yeah)

Better off dead (yeah)

Get off from my head

Get off from my head

Two times like I'm Cousy

Champion and some Stussy's adlibs

Like I'm Uzi will be the mane like Gucci (yeah, yeah)


Repeat chorus


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