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Delinquent Society
Producer: Audible Lecter

Verse 1 (Mellow Marc):

I'm not nice like I'm Michael Myers

I'ma fuck you up with a pair of pliers

This shit ain't good so you better stop it

Throw it in the dump and fuckin' stomp it

Album sucks, like a bitch

No weight at all, like a stick

You can't get on it, like you tryna hitch

I've shown you what I've got like I'm Rick

I'm trash, I'm a piece of shit, I need cash (need cash)

No food to eat so I ate the beat three times a day and passed (and passed)

I'm the type of kid with no gas (no gas)

You the type of kid who's gassed (who's gassed)

You better sit, stop acting neat, 'cause life ain't sweet and that's facts (bitch)


Verse 2 (Aud):

Now skip this track, won' flip these back (what?)

Nobody wanna hear about Disney raps (okay)

I'm a freak on the record like a Ripley act (yeah)

You better see them stats, before you see me spazz (now)

Better give a fuck, aphrodisiac (damn)

I don't feel the support from all of you fags

Or else motherfuckers don't give me daps

Go lift these bags, start listening fam now

Bow down, break it down, spit flames like Dhalsim (Dhalsim)

Mix it up like Holcim (yeah)

Bruh we stone cold like Austin

Combo like Malone and Stockton, hoopin' in the garden (what?)

Triple-double like I'm Harden

Just playing possum and you thought that we lost it

But we awesome, our statues that we carvin'

Fuck your support bro, we still starving cuuuuz..


Verse 3 (Fusr):

Fuck this shit! I need a break, to stop on things I cannot make

Like rap on stage then getting paid, the chains I wore on sway was fake!

Got bad bars and a wack flow, but some people still hear me out

I'm a young kid and I act old, don’t care what you say I'm smiling now

Man, fuck what you think of me, fuck you if you think there’s an inner me

One, two, three, four rapper enemies.. mm.. mm.. DS are you feeling me?

So you... supporting local music, I don’t really care about it

You could kill yourself or something I don’t give a fuck about you

But wait... I think that I am the greatest, I just do not think that I am the best

I just do nothing, they’re banging their heads

I am confused, I do not understand

Man I should stop all the bullshit, the rapping

The things that I want, now I'm making an action

I'm throwing the garbage, now rap ain't my passion

I'll run away home and I'm changing my fashion

So hate all you want now you got what you askin' for


Verse 4 (Contemplate):

Never listen to us

We just all locals

We should stop believing

We don't have achievements

We'll keep fighting our demons

Morning to evening leaning

Through our mistakes we learning

Yeah I know God that we learning (woo!)

All the motherfucking people out here

Saying our songs make no sense, fuck that shit (fuck that shit)

We've been the realest

We've been in the jungle full of gorillas

We're all hungry like a pack of hyenas

But honestly you don't sing our songs cause we're some "trash" rappers, yeah, skip this track