Delinquent Society
Producer: Audible Lecter

Verse 1 (Contemplate):

Boom bap or trap music

We could mix it up like gin and tonic

But your mind diluted

We can be persuasive like a husband trying to be abusive

I've been listening then wearing Old Skool

Looking at the old dudes that still walking with their pants loose

Both worlds collide, took us a while

We just showed that we could be versatile

Serve us any beat, we show no mercy

But we divine, that's what we define

Better be ready cause we looking heavy

We're coming for you cause we are so greedy

I can do both, I can sail two islands with a boat

My lines are cold, I need a coat

This song ain't bout drugs, no mercury

I hope we can make dough, like we're the bakery

Any beat honestly, killing it properly

We are anomaly, we ain't the protege


Chorus (Aud):

Welcome to the trap

Put some liquor of Cognac

Bodies in the back

Put the rap game on our laps


Verse 2 (Mellow Marc):

I'm zonin', Capital Steez is roaming

With that 47 shit like a ronin

Got the message like an omen

More than that shit that you're talkin'

I'm tokin' believe that or leave that

Don't matter what you believe at

Be you and open your mind

Cause all you see is lies

Oh yeah and the po-lies!

Oh yeah and the po-lies!

Delinquent with a new beat it's nice

Killed it with words and rhymes

Now we out here with the freaks and geeks

Looking for the path that we want to be in

Or they just wanna be "in"

Don't know where to begin

Put a light in your life like a beacon

I eat bacon, no vegan

Don't wake me up I'm dreamin'

They dreamin' on a day, yeah, that's daydreamin'

With it, I said it, one day, I'll make it

What the fuck is wrong with you

I'm here wanna make a change

But I know that's hard to do

With my crew, we the truth

Don't need any fucking coupe

Do you have any clue? I guess not

You don't believe in us, yeah

Don't need it, yeah

Still make music for the humans that are muted, yeah


Repeat chorus


Verse 3 (Fusr):

Carry on boy, carry on

Check this lyrical banger on

From the boom boom bap to the trap

Matter fact, its like your plane got jacked

And you're left in Iraq

And you're left in Iraq

Northside 'till I die it's the side to get by (huh)

Davao City pride, you dealin' with the best, yes

Feel it in your chest

These goons better move get a room

Or I'll put you in a cage like baboons (shoo)

(Poo poo poo) chop you like Kung-Fu

We work while you sleep so you wonder what we up to

Now show me what that tongue do (now)

Now show me what that tongue do (yeah)

They don't know

They don't know

They don't know

How to kill a beat, kill a beat with a flow

Need energy, energy now you know

From the Philippines, Philippines, DVO

From the studio to the radio

High quality ish like Vimeo

Hater, we the new crusaders

If you talkin' bout the masses we the brand new saviors

No failure

Take a break my chigga

Change your ways my chigga

Not today my chigga (uh huh)

We up on a Friday, gettin' high like we ride waves

Write rhymes on a fine day

We find ways like BDO

We inside the hall like Arsenio

Stop killing though, stay with it yo

Stop effin' we the kids, the millenials

Now put that shit on the radio, yeah!


Repeat chorus


Verse 4 (Aud):

Back on the mic, never given up a fight

DS we about to strike, no you faded (yeah)

Used to rockin' boom bap transitioned into trap

And you now know we can do both (yeah)

Even if ya'll want our eyes closed (yeah)

She still wanna take-off all her clothes (yeah)

We good on every kind of beat still a Bad and Boujee

That's word to them rappers, Migos (yeah)

We killin' out the game, straight takin' all the fame

That's nowadays, know how this goes (yeah)

A lot of rappers sayin', "For the culture"

But they vultures so this song tryna test their egos (yeah)

When are we gonna be focused

Know that mumble rappin' is the real opponent

Know that in their rise there will be postponement

There's a bunch of whole 'nother rounds like them donuts

Took their own sound, provide them the rhythm

Provide them a lesson, turn it against them

We're blessed with the essence that they are not dressed in

I'm part of the group that you cannot F with

Delinquent! (yeah), Delinquent!, (yeah), Delinquent! (yeah)

Now the cause of death might have been a neck-twist

Beat was so hard, headbanging was his deathwish (yeah)

Look at this one chinky boy, man you such a disgrace

I'ma hit you with a stick, there's blood all over your face (yeah)

I'ma smash you with a vase

There's no place that you are safe (get it)

By the way, motherfuck this flow man

I'ma need some space! (yeah)


Repeat chorus


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