R.I.P. (Rot In Pain)

Aether EP
Producer: Mocksmile

Hook (2x):

Bad to the bone, b-b-b-bad to the bone

She got good intentions, but she bad to the bone

Bad to the bone, b-b-b-bad to the bone

She got good intentions but she bad, she bad


Verse 1:

Bad to the bone, but got good intentions

I can set foot alone, I don't need permission

Lose the inhibition, this a new edition

If you don't come correct you in a bad condition

Vision all be honed when you roam my dome

I know season's unpredictable, it's all unknown

Getting by to survive that's the way to go

Only smoke high grade I’m on the honor roll

Skeletons in my closet and they all well-dressed

The best of the rest so you cannot contest

I'm a mess at its best, with a demeanor so fresh

You might call on the Almighty when I show you my specs

I'm a fiend in the scene, also, menace supreme

They ask "Girl why so mean" I reply "What you mean?"

Understand that you don't get it you ain't one of my kin

But behave if you piss me off I'm pulling the skin of all you

Chickens, who can't make their own decisions

I’m on a mission with a Pilsen, kill you with a reason

I be purging with a passion, ain't built to show compassion

Death grip, choke on your hope, now this ain't a joke

Breaking necks when I walk while I hold a rope

Knot it up on an Oak, don't you slip on the slope

Got respect then you're safe but if you don't then your smoked

Sippin coffee on your coffin fore I get to work

Slick smirks when your hardwork hits the dirt

I emerged from the Earth this another rebirth

So let me hit the verse imma show you who the illest

The meanest with the rhythms she dont care about your feelings

No bluffing I be betting it all, since the beginning

Might be cunning but I'm keepin it raw, aint no pretending

Send my message to your masters, I'm built to bring disasters


Repeat hook


Verse 2:

Bad to the bone, bouta own the throne

I'm not quick to condone all your worthless moans

Kids claim they know the game but they don't belong

You clowns and clones won't be around too long

So say your prayers to your god or gods for salvation

A world of mortal bots are bound for damnation

Savor the sensation, my flavor a temptation

You be frontin at the back as you sing my tone

I be getting gone. I be staying stoned

A monsoon on the way and you be getting blown

When they ask for a number: I ain't got a phone

A label tryna get me signed but I dropped the call

If you an animal I'm a cannibal

A beast on the beat with tha highest calibre

Middle finger on the trigger we gon feast on your cadaver

Breathe 6 feet under dirt. Clean your name off the Earth

Cease permanently, I'm gon wipe you out

Daggers on your heart and kidney and your whiney mouth

You can try and try to try me betta plan it out

All of this is just a preview of the dirty South

Watch me hustle, watch me grind, watch me walk the talk

Your chick tryna get to know me guess I blocked the cock

My lines straight to your chest give u a heart attack

Knock you out like you just took a Xanny pack

And I'm back on the track I can never relax

While you catering that fake shit I be stating facts

Think you heavy when I checked your contribution is blank

Play my tunes on your party where we're all wearing black

RIP Rot In Pain, you're the one to be blamed

I got good intentions, bet you know why you have been slayed

RIP Rot In Pain, you're the one to be blamed

I got good intentions, now you know why you have been slayed


Repeat hook



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