Blood In The Moonlight

Blood In The Moonlight
Producer: Kensa

This is a canvas of emblazoned roses and blood

Where red-stained wedding veils defined the word love

It's a blessing for most but a suicidal pact for some

We'll die by the sword, there's no peace without guns

There's no peace without justice and retaliation

This whole unfolding plot exposes a commotion:

It's the same old anecdote of a poor folk being ghosted

Pregnant women and children die in the guns being unloaded

I'm overly desensitised over the rising death tolls

The names of our friends are probably written down on the death scrolls

We say they deserve it, no space to atone

All our tears evaporated to fill an ocean in the ozone

That's probably why the sky is coloured blood as of late

To remind us that we'll pay for every life that we take

I am no believer of religion and judgement day

But even Jesus Christ didn't sacrifice himself for this kind of hate

Just imagine that I was your brother

Who resorted to this life when my pay couldn't fill our plate

My fix was only my salvation from starvation

And it almost made me crazy 'fore I could die from overdosage

They say forgive but not forget

But forgiveness is forgotten when it's a petty lawbreaker

And forgetting becomes a virtue when it's a villainous dictator

You shot me with no mercy as you blindly worshiped your false saviour

Kensa - Blood In The Moonlight (2017):



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