Catch Em All

Catch Em All
Ankthen Brown x Alex Ominunu
Producer: Yung Bawal

Hook (8x):

Pokemon go

Pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon


Verse 1:

I pick up my phone, I get in my zone

From her head to her toe, she put on a show

She feeling my flow, she smoke on the low

If she talking too much, bet she outta the door

Cuz i be like Ash Ketchum, watch em sing along while I catch em all

You a cock block like team rocket with this dragon kush yeah I blast em off

We the elite four and what is in store, take a detour into my Pokeball

Super ultra master Pokeball, now making all these bitches my Pokemon


Repeat hook (4x)


Verse 2:

Got some poke balls for deez bad bitches

I see Pokemon errewhere I go

Hit em whip em double combo

Leave you paralyzed when I thunder bolt

Gotta catch em ain't no other mission

When I hit da ocean on a Gyrados

Gym leaders ain't a damn thing

I got all they badges on my fuckin coat

Poke, poke, poke, Pokemon

Got so many bitches in my Pokedex

Read a text and then i move along

Ain't no need for me to show Machamp to flex

Misty rubbin all up on me

I tell her bitch please you’ll be coming next

Trainin youngins bout da evolution

I'm a Raichu when i hit da set


Repeat hook (4x)

Verse 3:

Fuck a fat bitch call her Snorlax

Magickarp hoes on my doorstep

If your face like Jynx I don't call back

She nagging in my ear she a Golbat

Pikachu my homie he so throwback

Make that pussy Squirtle damn she so wet

Jessie dropping booty like a ho-oh

Psyduck so confused I don't know oh


Repeat hook (8x)

Ankthen Brown x Alex Ominunu - Catch Em All (2016):



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