Nightmare On 66
Bawal Clan
Producer: Pope Fiction

Verse 1 (Mic Rahman):
Sparks ignited coming thru with the butane
Burn ya whole crew thought you knew pain
Take shots better aim, headshot better claim
Head bop finna bring that snap to ya main vein
Take shots like I'm Luke Cage
Make a killin in da game it's the new age
Dont slack tryna hang click snap fo the gram
Sit back roll a gram call shots with the gang mayne
Take a pill into a cage or a new page
Steady killin in the name we the new Rage
Fili kids bang bang like we Wu-tang
Starin at me like damn call me Hussein
Heavy rollin with the pack, fuck is you sayin
Jesse Owens on the track maybe Usain
Thick stack puffin dank
Tip-top boi ya ain't
Click-clack make it rain

Verse 2 (Nuevo):
Ang dami nang sinasabi
Ang dami nang nalalaman
Ang daming pinaglabanan
Daming pinagdaanan
Ang dami mo nang nakita
Hangga't sa namulat ang utak
Nawalwala, naglalakad 
Parang nag-gagala lang sa gubat
Dami mo palang utang 
Di matancha o masukat
Para lang isang tupa na may topak at sunudsunuran
Dami mo nang na sagi madami na rin nadali
Bat ka pa nagtataka kung may nagbabakasali

Chorus (Rjay Ty) (2x):
Womb to the tomb, tomb to the womb
Fed a lot of bullshit from a spoon
Resurrected from the grave by the fumes
From the belly of the beast let it bloom
Feel it creeping from behind like a ghoul
Feeling like you are just trapped in a room
Knowing that the end is near coming soon
This is just another chapter of doom

Verse 3 (MNL$):
I’m still awake
I’m standing with a straight face
Just between you and I
The only reason I rap is so I can speak my mind
See I can get you dancing 
Or make you mortified
You got to understand
I chin check motherfuckers like all the time
Eazy call it bully rap
I call it honest rhyme
She sitting on your lap
Make sure you love her like all the time
See, I’m thinking pretty weird
No routine for the Sunday vibe I
Write this in the studio 
With my boys inside on a different vibe

Verse 4 (Ankthen Brown):
Heavy artillery
Fuck whatchu said to me
Roll with da gang, gang
Gang gang, never step to me
Thinkin' bout cheddar
Dat broccoli vien aqui
Hella key makin’ dat guala
Move steadily, ugh
Rapidly givin em energy, ugh
Wickedly kill any enemy, ugh
Lame nigga move like a frenemy
Inner me tellin me commit a felony
Poppin' out, white tee wid stains
Washin' out, blood on my Hanes
Shawty all up on my cane
I got dat I got dat life in my name
Family first they da gang (gang)
Write da wrong letter u hang
Blowin’ out gas in da tank
I got dat, I got dat Bawal to bang

Ang dami ng sinasabi
Ang dami ng nalalaman
Ang daming pinaglabanan
Daming pinagdaanan 
Ang dami mo nang nakita
Hangga’t sa namulat ang utak
Nawalwala, naglalakad 
Parang nag-gagala lang sa gubat

Repeat chorus


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