Hip Hybrid

Hip Hybrid
Producer: Skarm

Verse 1:

I watch the foundation of this building crumble

All the days of labor, through the struggle now we stumble

Every acrobatic leap, slapping a static cheek

Man, my knees are weak with the hop so I try to reach

What makes sense in this day of present tense?

Floating away in this field of mishaps so I commence

Choices flip the road, with a heavy load

Build new tracks for my rails, paint the sun, erase the cold (yo)

In a mountain top, in mountain rocks

Typical drama start to box and knock (I)

I bake myself to sleep, drunk until I seep into the covers of broken lovers

Until the heart is weak

I feed off adrenaline, boosted by thе medicine

Lopping the bars until thе sample cuts in edison

Life’s filled with indifferent buts, keep debating til we meditating

In our death from cigarette butts yo

The alcohol buzz, lazy from the Benadryl

I got a lot of charm living in my testicles

I murder emcees through stopwatch seconds

Bring’m up to heaven, and cut the myth of soul connection

“Yo whattup brother? You raising? I got the nuts

Enough talent to make emcees quiver like bitch cunts

Sit still (sit still) and watch me go against your will

Got the torque and the force to bring more like windmills”

Blast and grasp inside a graphical craft

Lingering in tunnel shafts where clowns are made to taunt and laugh

I’m in a zone where visions show up in graphs

I hear a tone of make-believe to make me fall and crash yo

Swift and dash to escape the building trash

No more cash, mentalities change for bread and mash

It’s time to pass for a state of mind to last

I am the last of this class to create the final blast


Chorus (2x):



Feeling it




Resurrect the enterprise




No compromise

Underrated rise while the overrated die


Verse 2:

Who's got next to ride the vortex

Morbid til I’m spinning and rotating and revealing my cortex yo

With higher concepts

I travel the battle to make a fool out of the sons of all these known prophets

I rattle the cage and analyze the words in every page

Turn up my rage, pissed off like minimum wage

Too many dreams fade (fade)

Live at the end of this sharp blade

Found within the souls in this dark cave (yo)

Gather the clatter for me to shatter the ladder to broken matter

Take a beautiful day then suddenly see disaster

Strike like elites getting fatter

Equip a dagger to see who’s badder than my own swagger? (Noooo)

No one is better

I’ve taken enough as a spectator 

To see my people stay as mediators to the scene

Daze and watch as they make a fake hip-hop scene

The industry is where the gluttons lick the plate off clean

A bunch of greedy cheesy faking 50s

They all soft when you twist a can of fame and kiss me's

Their flows are shitty, with the middle tentacle I show no pity

Nobody else can compete with me

I bring a twist for the heads rocking their meds

For we innovate, and people listen cause I elevate

This position, given to me to dominate

Everyone raising their fists in numbers so we pollinate

Obliterate, sneak attack in hidden blows

Educate aggressively but never make’m know yo

The subliminal process is the way to go

Just to let you know

Your position gotta let it go


Repeat chorus

Skarm - Hip Hybrid (2020):



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