Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame
Kensa, Apoc, and Sak Maestro
Producer: Apoc

Verse 1 (Kensa):

Behold the children born inside tornado fires and infernal hail

Storming with a burning trail as I set fire to the hurricane

Disguise perdition as paradise behind the pearly gates

Then generate star collisions when I project myself to eternal space

Leave it to the architect to make this orchestration

And with the maestro to preserve and keep the facts in moderation

While I'm born and raised to compensate for wack extermination

We are the Gods of Apathy and Heavenly Host congregation

We keep the flame by fighting those who fire back with a blowtorch

And those who water it down get Caged in Hell's Winter with a snowstorm

Weaving lyrics into a twisted double helix

They say hip hop is dead, we just kept it under the wings of phoenix

An iconoclast with pyroclastic flow, I'm scholastic

Torch your plastic songs and blast this scorching track then drop more classics

Serving as prophylactic for the masses, it's how we let the flames erupt

We're burning through the city with a cigarette and Nero when he frantically dances under the raining blood


Verse 2 (Apoc):

Spill my heart and soul when I hit the pen and pad

It's poetry in motion when I have the mic at hand

And carry on tradition, uphold its truest form

'Cause I intend to keep the flame on like the Human Torch

I remember looped samples was something special

But nowadays rappers wanna spit over techno

Have a sense of history before you grab a pencil

Go back to move forward like you're watching Memento

So bring back them lyricists who really brung skills

Bring back them producers who really come ill

If you call me a hater, I wouldn't give a fuck still

I ain't stuck in the 90's, I'm just stuck with what's real

I've come to behead the parasites and the scavengers

Restore the movement like you recovered from paralysis

The underground is here to stay, prepare to seize the moment

We got power in numbers without using exponents


Verse 3 (Sak Maestro):

This cold world kept raising held assumptions

So I give you proof of my spontaneous self-combustion

Now my torch is lit by scorching wit and I'm burning with conviction

A cataclysm through lyricism, gonna ignite a mass emission

I'll eradicate and incinerate these weaklings who keep breeding

Life will rise from all of the ashes like the phoenix for the reaping

This fire that I'll be feeding's gonna bring meaning to a healing

Resurge! So burn up the earth because it is needing a kaingin

My environment's a grotesque pyro temple

An obsidian dominion, my empire's abysmal

I'm the death child cleansed by Mephisto

He blessed my baptismal with hellfire from brimstone

I spit universal, no one can extinguish my verbal inferno

It's carbonization and cauterization, this global cremation will make me eternal

I've been rekindled for this game to ether up your names

My rage will set you ablaze with pure disdain, we are the keepers of the flame so burn!

Kensa, Apoc, and Sak Maestro - Keeper of the Flame (2014):



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