No Fuss

…Exact Change… Reloaded
Producer: Johnny 5

Hook (4x):

I don't bother with no fuss, don't bother with no fight

In the shadow side


Verse 1:

Muscle for loan like brother Mizone

Diamond watches don't work for kids in Sierra Leone

Nike dunks don't look correct on kids who thin to the bone

The battle's in vain if you ain't relate it back home

J.O.H. double N.Y. big 5

Supplied the demand to give Bam' some bounce in your stride

From my iPod to my dawg's old Cutlass supreme

The soundtrack music to do the things to free our streets

From P.I.G.S. to DT's and Patriot Acts

Immigrant cats who rob folks with government gats

I trouble the facts that they got the lies that they spew

I'm rhyming for you

I'll take those bullets proudly for you

I'm through with the fussing cousin, I'm trying to topple 'em all

Native Gun, tag it up all on your city hall wall


Repeat hook



Buck Taylor make the sound I like

Make it gutter for me

Buck Taylor make the sound so nice

It's sound killer (?)


Verse 2:

I don't cater to what big business say

I'm here to shut the shop down like it's Christmas Day

I heard a Christian say, that he ain't like what I say

But he don't say it to my face so I don't give a F.U.K

Anyway, Johnny fever said to stick to the thing

But too much caffeine can get me all defensive and thing

To get me plucking on these triggers like a guitar string

And pop pop popping off at the mouth like an M16

You are investing in something interesting

With every ingesting of every word that I sing

Why do I bother with the peace I should revert to the street

And put some holes in your Francis Martin Geabo jeans

But no

I chose the path of the right

No fuss, me no fight, but don't test, not nice

Cause each knuckle in a scuffle will break you off right

And I'll be walking off humming songs by Dusty White


Repeat hook (8x)


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