The Arrival

…Exact Change… Reloaded
Producer: Generation Ill

Verse 1:

They got guns (guns)

Text books, tanks (tanks)


Time to set a fire, a vigil with no handle

Samples get chopped to rap on

A sample we put a clap on

In a city, where we see a little white, it get tagged on

Half gone

Prison or a dirt nap

Names like a history page

Our fallen friends on a shirt back

R.I.P. tags

See I.D. tags

Criminal descriptions same, we ID'd fast

Fuck it, we can flee fast, bullets make 'em bleed fast

Angry at the world so it's natural we beef fast

Leave fast youngin

That patty wagon comin'

City Of God, Shaggy at the door, can I come in?


From Brazil to Cambodian shores

Have a van full of loud homies knocking at your door

International Bam, stamp, passport check

Generation I double L, pass it to the left like


Hook (2x):

"I get ill"

You already, you already know I get


You already, you already know I get


You already, you already know I get


You already, you already know I get


Beatrock, Generation Ill we get



Verse 2:

They got news channel warnings

Look like you in that recording

So you waking up to SWAT and K-9's in the morning

Slap your name on a warrant

Wake you up with boisterous bang

Enter your door before that coffee start pouring

Profiling and they for it

Class study keep you ignorant

So it's easy for recruiters to knock daily like a Mormon

College gon' cost a fortune

So yeah

Fuck class

Like G say, catch your education on the ave

It's the have nots

Helping the have a lot keep rich

While a Marx book purchased put you on that Fed list

Go out and cop my shit

And jam it loud in your whip

And see how long you can ride before a pig get a whiff

Been writing raps since kids snatched hubcaps

Wait, been writing raps since I had a bus pass

Wait, been writing raps even way before that

Kicking raps before that Pro Tools on that Mac so...


Repeat hook


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