No Sleep (feat. Simian)

Failing Forward
Producer: Stimp C

Intro (Simian):

Oh my God

Are you really here again dude? Really?

How many times do I gotta drill this into your fucking skull?

Ah, okay


Verse 1 (Simian):

This is neither the angel or the devil on your shoulder or head

But the voice that gets louder the older you get

I don't know why you keep doing this

I mean you can keep putting out beats and releases

Pleading "Please I need this to sustain me"

When it's nothing but draining

That's like, 1, 2 months of high tops

You'd rather crest on that wave and you've forgotten

When you speak like a flood that will never recede

The pipe dreams only lead to the gutter, brother

There are other options to consider

Ones that will take you farther than sewage water

Like, I don't know, a typical nine-to-five:

"Eat, fuck, shit, piss, buy your time until you die, etcetera"

See the fact of it is, you need me to drive you, you just don't wanna admit it

But you know it, think about it

What makes you constantly seek council from discouragement, right?

I mean, I know you vibe with me

I mean, why else the fuck would you confide in me?

I'm a pain in the arse but I'm also your harshest critic

You know you've made it when you've silenced me


Verse 2 (Curtismith):

Could have, lost touched with the real feelings

How do people even deal with it?

Can you show me who the real villain

Looking in the mirror, asking if I'm being real with it

Yeah, hey, I've been hard on my grind

Using my touch and investing my time

You should do you cause I'm trying to do mine

And I'm here and they gossip, they try to deny talking shit from behind

You see their faking from deep in their eyes

I see the disguise

I feel the resistance is keeping inspired

I'm keeping my mission from reaching demise

So I keep it one hundred

I push the pedal to the floor with the car running

I be kicking down the doors when they star-shutting

Paranoia getting stronger, you start frontin'

Know imma do me till the day I die

I need a couple more years to go and spend my life

I gotta change some views, ain't gonna waste my time

I got a hundred other things to do to make shit right

While they criticize you won't realize

I have the right intentions, yet I'm feeling fine,

So I synchronize all my dreams with that

To make the money, but keep the passion


Verse 3 (Simian):

Okay okay, I get that

You got the energy, the words, the lyrics, fine

You got the resources, the self-help lived

The best thing in hell then shit sure

Sad, this is capitalist, they say

Ugh, but like

Man does not live on passion alone, but when you get to that stage you be castin' that stone

So you gotta let me know dude

Like, what do you fight for? Who do you rap for? What do you live for?

A ship without an anchor is just wreckage waiting for an excuse to break

Snd buddy, looks like you're in deep water, keep swimming


Verse 4 (Curtismith):

Yet I'm in here with the liquor

Took another swig just to make me think clearer

I was in a ditch like this so I'm in fear of falling close to the same tree

Lord made me a stronger man, then I'd be alone

I put my heart in this, now you hear a song

I make art with this, I don't need a coach

I'm an arsonist with my speech enclosed in emotions

Spoken word is to the beat

I'm dotting all my "I's" and I'm crossing all the "t's"

Believe I'm gonna be whatever I'm gonna read

But I've been going on for miles, trying to sow all of my seeds

Yeah, showing a bit of me

Exposing all the work into my heart and my beliefs

I'm hoping that my vision takes me farther than the sheep

Cause I'm trying to be a shepherd, giving hope to all the weak

Meet me when I'm gone, feel me in this song

See me through my passion, I'm balancing right and wrong

It's tragic but all the fabric in magic is hella fake

But I'm running from my dreams

How long is it gonna take?

Yeah, I put the flowin' on a break

Make something out of nothing if nothing is what you waste

I think about a coffin and heading towards a grave

Man I'm trying to find a balance to manage the way I'm paced

I race against myself and it's myself only

I do this for my pops and all my dead homies

I pray that when I drop, I have stopped them phonies

Selling drugs, being thugs, but the conflict's growing

Man, I hope I got time for that

You can spend a lot of time but can't buy it back

So I ride the track like there's no tomorrow

Let me spit my game and let these rappers borrow



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