Failing Forward
Producer: Manila Killa

Verse 1:

Played games with a mob one time

Low cage for the rhyme, four-five

Dope blondes with a flow like oceans, Coca for the white girl, let me co co-captain

I'll ask you, "Can I squeeze the game and turn it so natural?"

Think about the pain and stains it might catch you

Spitting like a main, I mean it won't pass you

See I demand that

And I'm feeling like a cash cat

See them taking shots but I ain't the man down

Wanna see me drop, you ain't gonna cash out

I am on a high the passion will never crash down

This is pure at its finest

Flow sick might leave you with a sinus

Timeless, put these goals into a line and bind it

Take this soul, mix it with lightning




Verse 2:

George, this is all for you

You're the lost man in the voice of two

See the course fam, they be tossing truth

Waiting for the next hire that they offer you

Now, say "fuck it"

Got dreams to chase and keep running

Got creamed in making good green ass paper

Don't fear of haters, keep coming

Money is the means for change, I see the change

Making greed and hatred seem to taint our souls

Ego making people fake, you see them staged

A whole nation taking control

My city is a corporation (fuck you)

See this money is all I know

Sharks in the dark trying to spark with the kids in their heart, do my things from a broken home

But never lose your soul



Never lose your soul

Never lose your soul

Never lose your soul, lose your soul


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