Virus Latency (feat. Miki Hahn)

Odyssey To The Sun
Producer: Skarm


A lady from another place, another world..

A different perspective, a shifting turn

Commanding the opposite concern

Opening my doors and my windows, how to learn... 

Interesting waves start to make me float away

To brighter days, an unknown land where I do not command

And as she subtly demands, and clarifies my ways..

I feel a strong connection like I'm riding on a wave


Chorus (Miki and Skarm):

Feeling the current wave

Stuck in this craze, pause in this daze, its poisonous days

Pulling me Underwater

But the time is not to taint, so I withhold from this chase

Pulling me Underwater

Pulling me Underwater



Now lemme say this one time for your mind...

Now when I'm pullin she's pushin for me to climb..

Vice verse never at same moment in rhyme,

And we evade sunshine cause it aint the right time!


Miki Hahn:

Heat of conversation, brings me to his destination

Re-learning his extinction, I got a new addiction!

Adjacency is killing me... it's killing me, killing me, yeaaaaaaah!

And now I'm trying to leave, I'm trying to breathe



So I step back... And organize my thoughts to stop the drumming

And humming and coming of her abundant image

Attention is selective; I choose to move defensive

Caged with no leverage, always a broken sentence

Quote unquote, "no I don't" but never meant it

The truth is well protected with shields of pride yea I said it

I'm well collected, but admittinglly, addicted

Cause this goddess captures an angle of me, that is hidden and

Kept guarded I'm dormant

Shocked holding a locket

Silent informant deciding what's more important

Do I give back to the feeling that caused it?

Mission aborted

And the vibe that's connected

It’s infectious, I'm infected!


Miki Hahn:

How can truth be so wrong?

Distorted thoughts in my mind

I feel I've waited this long

But time is not on my side

This vibe I yearn to prolong



Can't afford not to be blind


Miki Hahn:

So I Hide...


Repeat chorus



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