Good Problems
Producer: O'neen & O'nonymous


Lord, thank you for making me a dope ass rapper

Not a typical fuck boy rapper 

That spends five days a week in the club

But who am I to judge them right? 



Verse 1:

I write it down, from above the clouds

And I still feel so under the weather

When you falling feel the wind, it’s never felt better

I’m just here to win, let these losers know that I am no competitor

Hunt the bag like Predator

My queen lookin like a perfect score, ya girl look like Skeletor

There’s no elevator to success, talk shit on your keyboard cause you all depressed

Wash your face man, you a mess

We all being tested by the high power

We're all given the same 24 hours

It’s a sunny day but you’re inside letting tears shower

Everything will taste better if you stop being salty or sour

Watch your shawty or she’ll become ours

She gave me her’s, but I ain’t give her no flowers

Love is the only law

I’ll show you all my flaws, what I know and what I saw

And to tell you the truth man, you got the power power power



Waiian whatcha doin’ this evening?

I’m looking for God

Have you seen him?

Everybody looking for a reason

Everybody looking for a reason

Waiian, whatcha doin’? Where u goin’?

I’m tryna follow God cause I see him

When we conversate nobody speaking

When we conversate nobody speaking


Verse 2:

If I lose both my hands

I’ll still hold on to all of my plans

I could lose both my feet

But defeat was never in my plans

Let it be give it time to grow

Time’s so slow, smoking on some plants

Back then, when I used to have holes in my Vans

Now, we’re special guests in events

Organizers gotta pay me in advance, thanks

Believe in yourself before they believe in you

Meditate daily baby you’ll be breathing new

Trust me boy, I’ve been you

I see clearly up here with a better view

But don’t get it wrong I ain’t better than you

I’m just better than me when I used to be you

You can’t walk a mile in mine so get used to your shoes

Skate and destroy, reduce and reuse, I was lost and confused

Where are the heroes? Am I the last of the few?

I just wanna spark up a fuse

When it starts running then it’s all up to you

Just be down to be yourself

Luxury ain’t my color, back on the shelf

But secure the bag full of wealth

Don’t get greedy cause it's bad for your health

I don’t brag when I help

Disrespect my fam and I’ll drag you to hell

It’s all about to end I could tell

I hope mushroom clouds don’t fuck up the reception 

When I call you on my cell

Change is coming and it doesn’t ring a bell

I’m doing well 

I was just staring at the sky on the floor when I fell

Glory is all that I feel

Listen up kids I got a story to tell 

I got a story to tell, I got a story to tell


Repeat chorus (2x)



Ayo waddup waddup waddupm G

You know I be thinking ‘bout you all the time

Eh it's just doing great down there, man

I'm just here for the 2Pac, Biggie concert and I'll be on my way back

Oh, oh, I can't leave anymore? Shit


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