God Bless

Good Problems
Producer: Ruiijikun

From the city with the worst traffic in the world

With his pen as his sword

The realest motherfucka was born


Only God I fear, only God I fear, only God, only god I fear

Only God I fear

He the reason I'm here

And he can take me away any day, that's clear as crystal

Pray for peace of mind, for the man with a pistol

If an AK spray for what I gotta say then damn I'll miss you

Facts gotta be said and I'll be sacrificial

You might not be official, but everybody so special (yes)

You never had a medal, it's still a gift that I met you

May he bless you wherever you are

When I'm rapping they panic 

I go stupid like Patrick, everybody's a star

How'd I make it this far? I don't even have a car

Not even an ID, got nothing but idea

Everybody looking at me, I'll show you what I see

Cracks on the floor of my city

Drugs are not what the kids need

Let's get high without smoking weed

I don't wanna hide from the police

Pigs gonna shoot you in the back cuz they obese

I pray that my homies get home safe

Game over, it’s too late

Know you can always start over today today today


While he is scared enough to be brave

Some follow and stay afraid

He lives his days saving who he can save


So are you with me? Put 'em up, put 'em up

Put 'em up put'em up


Fight the good fight til I'm out of life

You get what you deserve on the other side

Real will always be recognized

Famous bad guys, lies are televised

Watch the news or don't, misinformed or uninformed

I don't believe in uniform

Rather see the world with my own eyes

I made it to my journey so I'm alright

I make it with own speed and my own time

I proceed to really be about it, not just online

Oh I'm, with God so I go against the odds

I pray that my ops chose better options

I pray that these con-men get conscious

We can tell who's fake its obvious

Don't lie to yourself be honest

But it ain't gonna fix problems

Trust nobody but the process

Making money out of nothing with my posse

Pare ano trip, eto lang barik, apip, tska soundtrip

I'll just be one of the greatest out here 

While you can just think about it

In class with the geniuses and of course you're absent

You can't do what I did

I'm changing by doing the opposite

Life ain’t exciting when you stop being a kid

Bitch grow up and grow some, if you ain't down don't show up

Just like me on your birthday

Gotta meet up with Maria I need my re-up

We sent my ego to a rehab

Cause I can't get caught up in my own hype

I got low grades but I'm so bright

Stars shine better where there's no light

I got more to live for than my own life

We’ll all get through this, just let it all go, and hold on tight


With faith

Our hero has found that true power is gentle

Manipulative fear is complete BS

With all he's seen, he knows what not to be 

So he flows on with his quest, against the forces of evil


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