All Of The Noise (remix)

All Of The Noise (remix)
Producer: BP Valenzuela


Remember when both of us said that, "it's over -- see you around"

Yet it's so easy to take a step back and fall to familiar grounds

I'm feeling just like I'm drowning under a pillow smothered down

Coz we know we belong to each other but we belong to another now

So i'm resisting the urge to reach out, resigning myself to a bleak route

Consumed by the words of these doubts, can't seemingly go for the rebound

The tears of a clown is hiding right inside, and deep down if you look you'll see frowns

Unhappy with how it turned out coz we forgotten the concept of "we" now

Sit back and pretend that i don't mind if you take his hand but hold mine

Wondering if it's an act this whole time to keep our pact intact, and so I'm

Taking it all in stride and go back to the cold side, i'll be fine on my lone grind

As long as i recite these old lines, holding me blind and behind by my own pride

When you're torn between what feels right but don't feel like doing the right thing

You cover your eyes and deny every insight that it might bring

I guess I'll just keep on resisting and stick to my dreams while keeping my distance

Do nothing but wanting and wishing you're thinking of me and hoping you listen



Treasure the sorrows and the pleasures and the wrongs and the rights

Because tomorrow isn't promised when we say our good nights

This is the letter that i wish i had the courage to write

I hope you stick around and walk the tunnel into the light


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