The Tea

Good Problems
Producer: Lustbass

I really don't know how to tell you this but

I really do have to tell you this so


I betrayed you Obi-Wan Kenobi

I deserve all the world’s lonely

I saw nothing in my mirror 

So trust nobody who say they know me

Told me to stay down to earth 

But you the one who’s changing on me

I can’t recall my love could you ring on me

Why you all wanna put logos and bling on me

Tell the cops I just rap

I ain’t got a thing on me

Drop outta college then the beat dropped

Listened to the knowledge from the big homie

Thank you to my momma working OT

Showed mе to be on your own and raise a family

Remain calm in a calamity

You can’t swim don’t follow mе we’ll both become a casualty

Let me go

Let me fuck things up naturally

What’s a promise if things turn out not actually

Well I ain’t gonna cry about it

And this time I’m making sure that I ain’t gonna rap about it

Cause when I tell you, everybody gonna know everybody talking

(tss) like I give a fuck about it (I really don't)

Just know that you my favorite teacher

Cause I cheated and you still letting me pass

Let’s go and just let go put it in the past now


Papapapapapapapablo tanga

Papapapapapapapablo tanga


Lately I gotta fetish for fucking up my life

Cause I’m just so hard on myself (what the fuck)

Yeah baby I know it ain’t right

I’m too soft I wish my heart had a shell (bitch)

Bring my demons to the light

Just to show everybody that we look alike

Carry on, it’s alright to lose a fight

I like bad bitches that's my bad side

But it's only you and me tonight 

(Boy! You done fucked up big time!)


Papapapapapapapablo tanga

Papapapapapapapablo tanga



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