Life Best

Good Problems
Producer: IDSG

Intro (WAIIAN):

Remember, family comes first

Much love



DJ spin the wheel of fortune, raise the fucking volume

I gotta lot to say to them

I think the whole world is in my cranium

Turn this little spot to a stadium

My balls are like


Haters in the shadow cause I’m radiant

Devils way below me, angles couldn’t hold me cause I’m alien

Took a bunch of drugs prescribed by Doc Strange

And my G, IDSG pass me jots from a long range



We out here tryna make it out the mud and shit

This life we contemplate

Live in the momеnt never complicate

Wе operate, above the negativity, and all the catastrophe

IDSG allegedly an underground legend

So don't get offended I'm just saying

If God is right here I be praying to keep my daughter safe

In the future real nigga shit, ugh


Hook (IDSG):

Lil homie step ya game up

Stack your bread right

Get your mind straight and then we take flight

So live your best life

Live your best life

Your best life



Break the habits you can have it when your mind right

Everyday life is so exciting

So I'll be writing like all night

We always right now nobody next to me

Ruiijikun only cook the best beats

I really need that for my recipe

No room for grudges cause that don't make any sense to me

We really in the streets teaching kids like Sesame

Blessing on your journey, little birdie

This was rapping-slash-therapy


Repeat hook



I had a problem, easy fixed with another problem

Keep on going that’s just how I stop them

Your party of balloons and buffoons

I pull up just to pop them

I might bless your party, aye, better say amen

Speaking to myself with myself before I talk to ya

My streets still got class without my Versace glasses

Listen to these songs like classes, educate the masses

Shout out kay Au, Peter, Steve, at kay Kuya Francis

Brothers and sisters, spend your time on love while we all exist

Baby it’s been a long day, come home with a kiss

Let’s all fight for peace signs so please stand and raise your fists


Repeat hook


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