Inner Children (feat. Leymans Terms)

Inner Children
Producer: Kensa

Verse 1 (Nakr):

Deep within a grown-up is a voiceless child

Whose voice box malfunctioned 'cause her throat is dry

Begging to be cured so she can voice out her thoughts

To her host who seemed to have forgotten her role

As the crooner of a tune they used to groove to

Under the glow of the sun, and beneath the full moon

Cherishing the youth that's flowing in their veins

Day-by-day, 'til her host attained a certain age

Where the games that they used to play are restrained

By the recurring responsibilities we disdain

It remains to be a necessary burden to carry

But when weariness sets in, it's best to replenish

The thirst that has rendered our inner child voiceless

Allow her to emerge, and her voice will rejoin us

In this topsy-turvy journey we're currently enduring

Let our inner child delight us in the process of maturing


Chorus (2x):

Don't ever leave behind, the child inside you

Allow her to refine your wiped-out mind to

Wipe out the "whines" and "sighs" every now and then

So unwind with the child that resides within


Verse 2 (Leymans Terms):

The process of maturing learning through your inner voice

That to be childish or childlike is a thinker's choice

The bigger joys originate from childlike behavior

With elevated ego kept in airtight containers

Indicators of the childlike personality:

A strong sense of optimism forged in the sanctity

Of the human soul, their innocence has got control

Of purity and wonder that this cruel world stole

Opposite this role are childish individuals

Imbeciles juvenile and foolish are their principles

Invisible silver linings in environment

Mind is spent sighing and whining with entitlement

Violent, their defensive mechanisms

Emulating television with enhanced pessimism

Whichever our position let us face the mirror, smile,

Trace the origins of feeling and embrace our inner child


Repeat chorus (6x)


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