So Pinoy (Bonus Track)

SickSongsOnly EP
Producer: Chrizo

Verse 1:

Yung kanin at chicken adobo

I had to bite that to give me some promo

Yo, I remember the death of my lolo

It was my birthday but he was a no show

Yo, I love Hip-Hop, no homo

So how can this stop or slo-mo

I'm bringing back the bounce like pogos

And don't say you never found my logos

On a t-Shirt, on a CD

What size you need first, then cop my EP

This is a freebie, I know you like that

So I had to add this bonus type track (crack)

I write raps on the flag of the Philippines

So Filipinos 3rd Worldwide start feeling me

This is real talk, no filigree

We are all the kings and queens we fit to be


Hook (2x):

I'm so Pinoy you call me promdi

I'm so Pinoy you call me FOB see

I'm so Pinoy I speak it konti

I'm so Pinoy but we already know come on man


Verse 2:

I'm more Filipino than rice and tocino

With a side dish of pickled sliced up pipino

No politics, I send prayers to the Aquino's

For Benigno and Corazon, I'm putting on my yellow

The power of the piso or should I say peso

Some say earo, others say aero.

Slumdog millionaire, the squatters is the ghetto

I got it locked down like ako'y nakapreso

Yes, yes, y'all, I remember Rey Valera

My dad played his record when I was baby aero.

Raymund Marasigan, I rocked the mic with him

And he can rap. O.P.M. rock rhythms

You visit the P.I., the veach of Voracay

With a trip fully paid by your nanay and your tatay

Pinas is not what you see on T.F.C.

Yo, the facts are on track like L.R.T.'s, M.R.T.'s


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

Pedicabs, taxicabs, jeeps, trains

Bicycles, tricycles, ships, planes

I get around so quit playing

My skin stay brown like shit stains

Before I say good-bye, I kiss my mom and my dad

'Cause you never know, this day might be the last

I bless my lola who raised me as a child

As an apo, yo I'm the favorite of all

When I'm drinking alcohol, it's chicken inasal

It's chicken inasal, when I'm drinking alcohol

Them lines were lazy like Juan Tamad

But you know I'm hella-good like Mang Tomas

I make it hard to rock shows for those doing it after

A Filipino emcee, call me a lumpia rapper

I heard M.P. in Guam, S.V.C. in Hawaii

I'll rep to the death like Francis M. 'til I fly


Repeat hook


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