Soul Eater

Soul Eater
Producer: Batas

Verse 1:

See these sacred scars...  These are marks of the demon

I belong to a circle of villains like I'm in Arkham Asylum

Destroy even the toughest of rivals steady mocking your idols

I'm starting a cycle, of bloodbaths, bring forth the arrival

Of the real, rugged and raw, we like to peel the flesh from your jaw

Ain't no rest for us all, opposition will be sent to the morgue

never underestimate my rage coz once I ascend from the fog

all you motherfuckers will be tasting the edge of my sword

So give respect to the GOD delivering the deadliest bars

Always ready for war, attacking with machetes for sport

The weak will be mentally scared eternal pestilence forms

then you'll lay dead on the floor those are the effects of my songs

and to those claiming their style's hot ya'll are destined to fall

Coz Ill be sending heatseeking missles direct to your squad!

My hatred will spark... now that's my shining moment!

Your crew's lacking direction coz they're inside my maze of torment

Now my blades are polished, commence the anguish construction

If you don't stay in your LANE then you're in my path of destruction

This is wrath from the dungeon, our style remains fatal and untamed

A proud psychopath! I'm taking infants from the cradle to the grave!


Chorus (2x):

Challenge me? best believe they won't see you breathin'

All out savagery, you'll be a dead emcee when I unleash the rhythm

You a travesty, you rep the weak, I lead a league of demons

Another masterpiece, accept defeat, it's soul eating season!


Verse 2:

Venomous pheromones, I attract tarantulas

Rosemary's baby is now a full-grown axe murderer

I'm always on point when I damage ya, I've mastered the process

I release negative energy turn the dance floor into a moshpit

So lay down your crosses, for me it's harmless, coz when I rock this

Mic device my contents will make divine beings stay cautious

I slay ominous, play with the remains of your carcass

Juggling decapitated heads with the knife still attached to the orifice

Like Jack Kevorkian, the end of your life I'm offering

Your burial rite, I'm haunting it, and your afterlife I'm stalking it

The third eye is my common sense, the third reich I'm rearming em

Cities we're bombing em, all the survivors we're stompin em

Cenobites I walk with em, my brain is the Lament Configuration

Unlock my deepest thoughts, you'll be facing obliteration

When im on stage I amaze ya'll with evisceration

Rookies today is your initiation, and if you stay with the resistance

Then I'll hijack and crash your plane of existence!

I'm never plain when I rip shit, leave everyone dead like Jim Jones

I'm sick in the head, voices of dread heard in my skin tones

And when I'm laid to rest I'll resurrect when the wind blows


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

My fangs remain sharp.... I'll bite the iron fist that feeds me

But fuck a revolution I'm starting the apocalypse so fear me

When it comes to body counts I'm greedy, I'll murder your reincarnation

Let's take a trip to the underworld, this is your invitation

Left and right hooks to your cranium like a good day in the slaughterhouse

Leave you in a Trance, then put an end to ya trend when I slaughter House

Give way to the morbid sound, or you'll get bludgeoned by Heavy Metal

I'll Rock n Roll once I lock and load, in this business I'm detrimental

My sharp tongue will dissect your mental, blood stains in my credentials

I'll only celebrate if there's a new addition in my knife collection

I got a bile obssession, and it increases as I grow older

Chopped up your body in front of cannibals, then gave em the cold shoulder

A known soldier, a general from the realms of the wicked

I deserve a salute! After I severe your fingers

My strength is so vicious! Grendel I'll be scolding him!

I got Nibiru in my palm, the masses are my bowling pins

And even if I'm down in a blaze of glory I'll still spit the coldest shit

I'm the origin of your hopelessness, your road to stardom I demolished it

Your code of honor I abolished it, your Offspring I was forced to kill

Coz the Kids Aren't Alright, so I showed em my abortion skills


Repeat chorus


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