The Block

The Block

Verse 1:

Hands to the sky

The Lord is lifted high

Life is good to those who knows to handle her

Camera on panoramic, work gears like mechanic

Go around my own orbit like a planet

So I don't crush you

There's no need for me to pan it

No need for left and right, I go both ears

I'm an introvert I don't get pressured by my peers

Conscious of my choices, my conscience is clear

I'm out and gettin' it

I'm about to use all of my benefits

My storage up north is about to drop here on our midst

Fame don't catch of what my interest is

I speak to those who listen, I listen to those who speak to me

They kiddin' me, they say that my own kind is an enemy

An eye for an eye just leaves everybody blind

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

See to it you don't lose control



They try to chase the world

We'll bring it to our block

Every hustle and bustle won't stop us til' we drop

We'll make the most of what we have

We'll make the best of what we have

Ooh, yeah

They try to chase the world

We'll bring it to our block

Every hustle and bustle won't stop us til' we drop

Somehow we will find a way

Or we will make one

Make one, uh, oh


Verse 2:

Off to shore

I'm bout to google the reef

Still in search of local underground beats

With the touch of The Alchemist, DJ Premier

Twiz the Beat Pro beats like these

I'm not the artist i'm the canvas

An art in a frame is much more like an eagle locked up in a cage

Ink blot in a page, mops still drippin' their names

Choose to live for the things that remains

There's no such thing as luck, there are chances

No coincidence, there's purpose why you writing plain or cursive

Why on earth you are here in this city you're in

Your color, your culture, your movement, your scene

Hip Hop started out in the heart

They are the roots, we are the branches

These kids are the fruits and they are watching

West got Pac, East got Biggie, Manila got FM

Let's build our own city, so I say


Repeat chorus (2x)


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