Ankthen Brown
Producer: Mayallgo

Verse 1:

We get high motherfucker , yeah my eyes low

Indigo I'm purple blooded with my mind glowing

Loud trees, when I breath through the backwoods

God mode when I flow they be sayin

(we get high)

Super Saiyan on a pussy ima raichu

And when I ride through we gon' face two

Blunts never did I say too much

Bud in all my niggas got chu knowing

(We get high)

And I know that eye be glowin

Not from all the chains diamond rings I ain’t ownin’

Just a inner g with the energy of infinite seas

And I know that all my niggas gotta show that

(We get high)

Soul lit from the shaman ways

I'm so lit when I ganja blaze

I don't play when the guns are aimed

Motherfuck the government I'm sparkin spliffs with my niggas today

(We get high)

Now that's a beautiful thang

Lookin like a honey b.u.d.

Ain’t she bea uty full

And her b.ooties full

Flash to the crib just to hit it

(We get high)

Back in the mix with the spinach

Gotta get in with the did it

Never leavin I’m infinite

Like we all is just a we all is in a we all is never ending


Hook (6x):

I smoke spliffs till my minds arranged

I main frame while I'm hittin the jane


Verse 2:

Ankhten be the name golden lights in my veins

In these nights I ignite DMT from my brain

Crystalline from the source, up above my domain

I done came to this earth for the lighwork tell em

(We get high)

On a mot I pin em hiss an onomatopoeia

Got a buzz from the bong rip nothing but a ripple

Heavy metal clang when i clash with the titans

Drizzle in the oil when I’m scrunching up the wizzle

(We get high)

Raw skin whiz kid something like a pippin

lookin like a griffin that’s a dread lock rasta

I’m killin these bakras, to just get a bly

Open up all your chakras, and take on flight

(We get high)

Got a bag of da kali kooly and shag for the blend

Ain’t no rock in it better than me I kill for no man

I'm a hue man loving every color in the land

King cone shit then I’m makin shifts through the lands

(We get high)

Outer body like Hennessey venom spittin all black

All caps when you spell the name don’t forget that

Acid, got me trippin to the astral planes

And now I'm seeing where our minds became

(We get high)

So high slapped hands with god

Then took a trip wid my nigga Jesus drivin the car

Flipped through dimensions in milliseconds we gotta keep it steppin

Fuck that bullshit my nigga we all an equal in ascension


Repeat hook

Ankthen Brown - #WeGetHigh (2015):




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