...One Rifle Per Family
Producer: 6fingers

Verse 1:

Since she was a child she felt that she did not belong

She would pray to Jesus who she did believe was blonde

She heard of America and saw that as her goal

Met a dude they called Anilo who would sing her sappy songs

Write her sappy poems from a boat he called his home

In the navy he was stationed all the way across the globe

So she said fuck it took a trip

She was tipped

The spouses fly free

Yolanda straight dipped

Across the sound out in Bremerton alone

Hit up the USO and called my daddy on the phone

My daddy didn’t know the quarter

Dex said, “Ayo, your wife is at the airport over at the USO”

My pop ain’t have a car back then so he had to borrow

A friend’s ride to pick up his wife

“So began the struggle”

Father hella broke so

Momma’s many hopes of America were not the way the missionaries told her

Eventually they moved on down to Cali

Gave birth to a pistola and so then began a family

And by the time my little brother Dre came

Hard times hit us, dad under pressure

He took it out on mom and mom used to bruise and

My dad hit the road, so mama used to use

Living in the hood, single mama, one room

Then one day she wiped the tears off, enrolled herself in school now

While she in school, I used to hang around the block

And add to the stresses till my cousin got shot

Depression hit my mom so bad

Especially to see a new woman with my dad

My mom’s heart trembled, but her focus stayed straight

Used to ride the RTG, 6am every day

Trying to keep her kids from seeking jail time plus

Trying to keep some food in our guts

Got me saying hey ma

Hey ma (4x)

Wassup ma?

Hey ma (3x)


Verse 2:

Yeah, that’s the story of my mama

And that’s he reason why I never make it rain with dollars

And that’s the reason why I find it difficult to love you

Cause mama never had the time to show me how to function

Through the hard times mama used to shut the door and cry

So sorry if when we fight I kick the door inside

And yeah I got some issues with you listening

And that shit probably come from being raised not given

The attention that I wanted, but I wanna make us work

So I read Grace Lee Boggs and bell hooks’ work

But real shit, that practice so much harder than the theory

When we get to fighting, I’m fighting the demon in me

The patriarchy in me, or the womanizer in me

Start to creep up when a bunch of brown women near me

But you don’t never worry never trip

Make up to break up shit you me and my kid

Through credit cards getting shut

To using EBT cards when shit got rough

Khalil’s got a momma who ain’t tripping off dough

Cause what Khalil’s mama understands is how to be broke

To my beautiful brown babies and they beautiful mamas

When you old enough, treat your sisters just like your mamas

And if you comfortable throwing some money at your mom

Delete this off your iTunes me and you got a problem

Ey yo ma

What’s up, ma?


Verse 3:

Women raped at an alarming rate

Overseas, the united states

Big booty jiggling all in my face

But the oppression of a woman we just look the other way

Yeah she fly, but I don’t care

Profile pic with her ass in the air

Exploitation exploitation with a worker in a field in her underwear

Oh yeah we got freedom over here

Taliban oppress all the women when they wear

A woman in a burka and they murder a woman for getting raped

And for infidelity they getting stoned by prayer

Fuck em fuck em fuck em let em all die slow

Just try the other side of the coin with less clothes

Women being used as a marketing tool

To sell everything from cell phones to bottles of brew

I guess the freedom to be props in the video cool

Need a couple [?] have you

Mama always told me never take no shit

And mama had me on that fuck the police shit


Hook (10x):

I feel exploited, oppressed, objectified in my flesh


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