So Many

...One Rifle Per Family
Producer: Esta


Oh my God! There are so many Filipinos in here. Gross!


Bridge (4x):

California Filipinos, yo, we down as fuck


Verse 1:

Yo, California Filipinos, yo, we down as fuck

My whole west coast Filipino fam (bbbbrratt!)

And out in the south and out in the east

Midwest and B.C

All over the Philippines, tsinelas and white tees

We mean business

And ain't no kind of suckas round here

Recognizing that there's three basic problemas round here

Vetaranos that survive, benefits still denied

So we party

Yeah we party like it's 1899

We don't buy soap to make us light

Bring uncles, cousins to fight

The whole Philippines mi familia, so I fight, we fight

Ha ha

Had to come up with a bigger gun to kill us

Rifles in my dresser and ain't nothing you can tell us


Hook (4x):


I'm Filipino than a muthafucka


Verse 2:

Mitsubishis in the parking lot

Sun stars all of that

(Putang ina mo, kala mo kung sino ka, ha!)

Oh shit, if that ain't flippin' what you calling that?

Tonight we just gon' fall back

Snapbacks, rat tails

Diamond shirt, Dickies, Chucks

Beanies, copped at Black Scale

Tattoos tell you that I am that dude

Marked up like a datu

White sex tourism in Makati, I will smack fool

I'm with my Mien folk

Bunch of my Thai homies

Bunch of my Lao potnas

Let's go to the bar homie

From a country where the revolutions still fighting

Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao straight off the island

I'm Filipino than a muthafucka

I'm Filipino than a muthafucka


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

Iba talaga ng ulo ni Bam (say what?)

They like the goddamn Hukbalahap

Pinakamahirap sa lahat

Hindi mabahala sa taas

Pero we don't give a fuck

Lalabanan natin sila, dumudugo parin sila

So afraid, we ain't never been

Down to throw, always been

Yeah Manny's the shit but where we from we got a bunch of them

Little scrappy one hitters rocking tsinelas

Indigenous blood Waray, Igorot, at mga Aetas

Filipino to the medyas

Pootie try and sweat us

He gon' realize that we ain't backin' down until you kill us

Bonifacio with a rifle

Datu Lapu the revival

He was screaming for Magellan to die slow and take his bible

And yeah, we here to party with the party for revolt

From the Philippines

Fuck all that lightening soap

I'm Filipino than a muthafucka, say what?

I'm Filipino than a muthafucka, yeah!


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