Rent Money (feat. Rocky Rivera)

...One Rifle Per Family
Producer: CHOPS


Chops on the track!


Verse 1 (Bambu):

I could fight like Cung Lee with my old ass

Putting bullets in my own ain’t why I tote klacks

That’s for infiltrators tryna see me put down

Mad cuz they can’t get in the club, look at me now

Out in Daygo in the southeast lamping out

Dark skinned southeast Asian girls with their hair down

Holding back their big brothers in the lot, scrappin'

We from war torn third-world countries, what’s happenin?

I could show you what it means to be in poverty

Where half a slice of bread is worth a strong arm robbery

Rubber slippers fuck the Jordans on your feet

Smack a politician sample the slap into a beat

If it ain’t ;bout us tryna eat, might as well not even speak

Lotta shit I don’t like, so I Chief Keef

Fuck the chief of police, insert whatever city

Mountain Brother with a platoon of guerillas ridin with me


Hook (2x):

My comrades don’t fold, pop shit, get throwed

When it come to politicking all the homies need to know is

Get money, rent money

Get money, food money

Get money, school money

Stop taking shit from me


Verse 2 (Rocky Rivera):

I can scrap like Rhonda Rousey with my short ass

Armbar in the first round, know that

These little birds wanna chirp non-stop

But when I come around you could hear a pin drop

Self-made prodigy, underground armories

One woman army, ain’t no politician stopping me

Mad stripes like I’m Blues Clues

And all my bad girls, hit em with that voodoo

Want your country back? It don’t belong to you

And tell your god to go fuck himself cause I’m on to you

I’m a heathen who’s lucky I’m even breathing

Believe in what you believe in but money's never the reason

But if the money comes who am I to say, "No"?

I been struggling for years on that pay roll

So all my soldiers get bucked when I say so

Stick em for the yen, roopies, and they pesos


Repeat chorus


Verse 3 (Bambu):


Progressive with the flow and I ensure that

Never a Trotskyite, Sondolomite or confused cat

Always working class in all my doings

And I'm doing music trying to stay attached through my students

Cee and Lauren getting older

Little Micah birthed a soldier

Aldo, Rem G, X The UV getting colder

With every word that they pen

As long as truth for it stems

Progress, forward motion, minor scrimmage, never bend

Pescatarian and my diet's seafood when I'm grubbing brah

Soon though I'ma have to cut the fish, like Jerry

Bust a terrorist, and I ain't found a god that I believe in

And every man they tell me is holy as a human being

Bambu, yeah I be him

One rifle a minimum

Sacrificing morals, trying to keep somebody feeding him

Never been my M.O.

Now Dunney Low he a thoroughbred

Pouring out some coffee on the curb trying to wake the dead


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