One Rifle Per Family
Producer: Justo

Verse 1:

Early morning in a caravan of minivans

It's history in the making, new election

And in this part of the Philippians, elections been rigged

So when the opportunity came to document I was in

A camera, a notebook, and a pen

These journalism tools we use to write how it is

In Maguindanao, the Ampatuan family been in power

And the last president guaranteed that who'll succeed

The governor's seat will have the same family name

Mangudadatu moved ahead to bring the province some change

We headed to the city to bare witness to a chance

For another man to throw his family name in the hat

Opposition on the ballot, Esmael hear the challenge

And his wife invited all us media to watch it happen

We rolling like six vans deep

Commotion in the front so I looked up from my seat

About a couple dozen

I mean as far as I could see

Holding Armalites detouring our van off the street

Confusion as they moved in closer

Looking like a whole platoon of A.F.P. soldiers

Pulling and pushing me out the vehicle

A Hays van driver asked him, "Why?"

So they shot him in the face

Tears start leaking out my eyes

I'm begging for my life, I got a son and a wife

Out the side of my eyes, I see 'em line the first van up

Firing squad style, aimed at 'em

Blasting 'em up

My knees gave

They yelling, "Stand up"

I kept screaming, "Please don't" I put my hands up

I watched as they raped all the women

Then aimed pistols at the genitals of all the victims

Shot the women in the face and they crotches

I'm shaking

Helpless, crying, watching

Locked in, eye contact with a rifle

I thought about my wife and my child and I scream


Hook (2x):

Don't shoot

No, no please don't shoot


Verse 2:

This all truth in the story no reason to lie

The massacre of 58 innocent lives

All behind the power and corruption and greed

It's the politics of business in the Philiappines

The president implemented through a feudalist need

Democracy distorted, time to get us free

Feel like Maguindanao right now

It feel like Maguindanao right now


Feel like Maguindanao right now

I feel for Maguindanao right now


Repeat hook (4x)


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