Producer: Rojas and Jimmy Duval

Give me a minute to get things in order

History's twisted and memories shorter

Hearing them say that the son can't be blamed

For all of the sins of the father

Why should we bother? For decades they conquered

Robbing the people to further their power

Even the heathens is seeing the reason

This nation is failing to prosper

Where is the honor? for the people that's stranded

Coz of the bundles of dollars they ran with

Now that the land is demanding for justice

The clan of the bandits are quiet

Goddamnit, so how'd you get past it?

When they be lining their pockets from rackets

And making deposits? all of the profit

From taking your taxes and being dishonest

Where is your conscience? for the money they have

You're closing your eyes then you open your hands?

You seeing a chance and you're glad to adapt

From a "trapped in the back" to "advanced in the pack"

It's a deal with devil as wicked as them

With no sign of repentance to any extent

Depend on your penchant to sit and pretend

In the end nothing happened with evil intent

You spit on the people when you been defending

Descendants who carry the weight of the sin

Coz their fingers did pull on the trigger by

Standing on top of the grave that they buried us in


Hook (2x):

Never again

Sick of the fiction and myth they depict without making amends

We bigger than them

Assert your dissent because what is a man without taking a stand



2017 Single


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