Aw Yiss

Aw Yiss
Marcus Prolifik
Producer: Goldlocke

Verse 1:

The mighty magician of brightest decisions

I'm so far gone, see me fly in the distance

Normal ass folks get tired of listening

'Cause what I really preach is the science of spitting

You make an impact, similar to jars cracking

Me, I'm hard blasting, explosions, cars crashing

So if I say that you spit dope bars at it

There's a good chance I'm being so sarcastic

I own a barred casket of hard tactics

Bars massive, just for the smart rap kids

The funny fart raps and from the heart classics

In short: We ain't cut from a similar fabric

I'm human torch, you a charred matchstick

Half man, half amazing, part god, part savage

And I go hard at it

I'm on my '87 Lakers shit, come and go guard Magic


Hook (2x):

Aw yiss!

I know you like it so fresh!

So I'm giving you the dopeness!

No tricks, no Hocus Pocus!


Verse 2:

Untouchable, like the holy ghost on the mic

Flow be gold, told you so, sorry bro, not tonight

If you want the instant flow to go, I just might

Bust out a canned heat, Napoleon Dynamite

I think you don't get what I'm truly spitting

So don't get it confused like a Buddhist Christian

You are Ralph Wiggum, I am Stewie Griffin

Might seem alike but we are truly different

I'm a version 2, upgraded, new edition

I think you should listen and spot what's new and different

I'm equipped with a clever mind, to spit a better rhyme

Last name: Never quit, First name: Letter I

And I'm the type to show my listeners love

If you like what I spit, we bro fisting it up

I'm not here to do some trendy gimmicky stuff

I am different, and I am not giving a fuck


Repeat hook



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