Ordinary Lives
Producer: KMG

Verse 1:

Got nothing in my hands that I can offer 'cept warmth

But I'm worried if you ever hold it, you would be scorched

Coz I'm a sucker for love, rather easy to excite

Just another violent heart in need of some peace of mind

I'm not just in it for our bodies to become one

But I wouldn't mind if I ever was your loved one

It's kind of a conundrum, the same fertile imagination

Is the cultivating ground for hesitation

Thoughts lost on the beat of the drums

I feel my body burning hotter than the heat of the sun

When we're face to face, written scripts incinerate

Every dialogue and logical thought disintegrates

As I find myself deep in space, giving chase

To a bluefire comet whose tail illuminates

This dark, empty place where I float with no aim

In this soundless vacuum, I call for your name



Pick up from my hints ‘cause

Love has a melody, sung in sweet subtleties

This song is a gift from me to you

Forgotten sensations

Lost in the memory, comes back eventually

This song is a gift from me to you


Verse 2:

I wanna take you on a lovebound journey

You're a real life Celine, but I can't play your Jesse

I'm more like the poet sweet-talking you for pennies

Hiding my true feelings in cryptic entries

You're the Halley in my orbit, a once-in-life moment

I should carpe diem on it and yet I'm afraid to blow it

So I stay frozen, gazing at your bright silhouette

Don't have the answers to this self-imposed riddle yet

Too afraid to see the end of the puzzle

If I ain't gonna be in it, so I deliberately miss a piece

Now you even got me doubting on my non-belief

Asking God not to make this story bittersweet

But I'm aware that if I want it, gotta stand the hurt

The gravity of a confession pulls me back to Earth

Still no resolve, but a crystal clear aim

In this crowd of lost souls, I call for your name


Repeat chorus


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