Ordinary Lives
Producer: KMG

Verse 1:

You are my loved one, you are my biggest hope

You're the seed of my emotions, salvation of my soul

You're everything to me, you're my sanity

You're the silver line holding down this family

I know that it's not always gonna be a sanctuary

There'll be a lot of friction between your father and me

But never enough to stop the motion of your growth

When push comes to shove, we'll work together through the slope

Sometimes our flaws and neurosis will get the best of us

I hope you never stop believing in the best of us

In this house, I'll be the light that you need

So that you can grow brighter than I ever could be

Our future may be shrouded in uncertainty

But we'll be trying with the best of our abilities

To pave the way for your journey to the endless

Your gratitude will be my life's repentance


Hook (2x):

'Cause I'm haunted by the present and past

Your future is the last elation that I know

And no matter what judgement is passed

Your happiness is the salvation of my soul


Verse 2:

You are my loved one, you are my biggest hope

You're the seed of my emotions, salvation of my soul

The constant reminder of my love and my pain

The sole recipient of all that remains

Your mother died to bring you to this world

Life's cruel reality immediately unhurled

Before you could even open your eyes to see it

Shattered my dreams the very moment I conceived it

But we've gotta live on for her sake

I would never let you feel like your birth was a mistake

The dream lives on, you just inherited her light

So I'll give you all my love for the two women in my life

My darling daughter, my nighttime star

My springtime thawing out my frostbitten heart

You've raised me up before I even raise you

I'll be your pillar 'till I pay my dues


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

You are my loved one, you are my biggest hope

You're the seed of my emotions, salvation of my soul

You represent everything that I'm fighting for

A future that can nourish innocence like yours

They made me birth you in prison walls and steel thorns

I'll sing you lullabies over banging steel doors

My arms keep you safe from the cold chill of malice

The lies and the madness, this narrow world's our palace

You're too young for these hellish ordeals, but

Let it temper your bones 'til we win our freedom

The truth shall prevail, happiness will come

You'll live to see the beautiful world kissed by the sun

Ready yourself for when tomorrow's within reach

No tyrant's too great for a will unrelenting

You are warmed by the fires of change

May your generation witness better days


Repeat hook


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