Ordinary Lives
Producer: KMG


Yo, putting this here

'Cuz I didn't have room for this inside the song

I'd like to thank

Writer's Block

Master Gab AKA Rambling Man

The vets who support the new school

Glitching Forever Studios

No Face Records, good friends

Let's get it


Verse 1:

This is to everyone who always got my back

A message to my people and the reason I rap

Look, the daydreaming, doodling downer has grown

And now I have something I can call my own

This is for my friends who're always there for me

Who've seen the worst and best of me

They're like my second family

Do I deserve this blessing?

See, I was always quite the fool in life and in school

But having homies by my side made the challenges cool

Now I'm here, emcee-slash-engineer

All the losses that I took made the victories sweeter

Sparked a big bang in this empty void

Now all the obstacles and noise, I can handle with poise

This is to Fight Club, DERAILED and my brothers in high

We may have our own flights, but we all share the sky



This is to everyone who always got my back

In troubled times, I was raised from the dirt

To all the assholes who doubted my worth

I got my middle fingers raised to the jerks

This is to everyone who taught me to believe in me

Believe in their belief in me unleashing my abilities

Believing in the hope that I’ll be living worthwhile

And when my time comes, I’ll be leaving with a smile


Verse 2:

Every now and then, I get a little bit jaded

'Cuz the world is so bleak, life's colors seem faded

I made it, but it's kind of hard to appreciate

Knowing many out there who'll never share my fate

Lost in despair at a very young age

Falling into a state of mind of shallow escape

Locked down in this cold world ruled by the money

All these good kids in a mad country

S'why I don't like shit when I go outside

I wanna be their angel but I'm not qualified

Dreamville's dreamers must be dead or in grief

Turned to dark twisted fantasies of 6 feet deep

Yet smiling faces shine in the dark

The many faces of hope, I etch 'em all in my heart

Always keep 'em in my thoughts for every song that I write

So I can bless them with the same music that changed my life


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

Celebrating life’s long trail of milestones

Failures and successes comprise all the rhymes wrote

Head up clouds while reliving the essence

But with feet on the ground, I move on to the present

Close witness that love can be fragile

But to hold it down as long you can is what matters

So I love them all the same, that won't change

Dedicate it to my folks when I step in the stage

And though the Labrats are late in their revolt

At least their talents are no longer latent in the vault

See, Wally on his Don shit, Mental he evolves quick

Kensa, Soup, Omega’s next release is on the watchlist

As for me, I can only be me

How far I'll make it in the end, I can only wait and see

In this make or break to make a break world we live in

We could all use a helping hand to make it through the distance


Repeat hook



This is to Emman, Nathan, Faye, Jim and Joe

Karl, Earl, Sam, Rodjie, Cavs, Betch, and Badjong

To Dei, Tiu, and Jorge, big homie Norms

Aniki’s got your back, tell Shella, Carl, and Lawrence

Riz, JV, and the hip hop fam

Rio and every girl who once held my heart in their hand

This is to mom and dad and every single part of the clan

Thank you very much, you all made me what I am



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