Passing By

Ordinary Lives
Producer: KMG

Verse 1:

As I stand on the grave of my elders

All their memories are calling from the past

Though I somewhat vividly remember

I no longer feel their warmth in my hands

Everything they ever meant is just interpretation

Fuzzy recollections of their best and worst traits

Never knowing the regrets and hidden pains

Are their true identities just another secret buried in the grave?

Well I guess that I'm the same

Tellin' souls to fly away 'cuz I will be okay

When the truth is, I can't even tell if blood is in veins

I'm so empty, I've been living just to build a frame for coffinspace

Friends, dreams, beliefs, good fights

Just so I can tell myself I had a full life

No idea when it's my turn to die

But like my loved ones in the ground, I'm just passing by



'Cuz no matter the belief, all the answers that you seek

Lead to one reality, that we're all just passing by

Everybody's just a shadow through our memory

And only the emotions that we shared will be left in the obscurity


Verse 2:

Cuz all the empathy in the world

Wouldn't ever let me know how it's like from your shoes

I could sing about it every day

And still fail to portray your conditions, having everything to lose

Just verisimilitude

Imagery in prose never grimmer than the truth

Tell em of the thickness of the blood we've never seen

But it's never quite as red as the spilling in the province and the streets

Farmers starving, oh the irony

Beggars lying under tall walls of ivory

Childless mother's tears, fears of a refugee

Shattered views warrant need for an effigy

Looking for a savior with their hands in the air

Suffering around us but we just don't care

Apathetic winners of survival of the fittest

Some relying on their privileges, challenges diminished

While the others be forgettin' what it's like to be weak

Never looking back while continuing the streak

Every second is a dollar under the account

Is this really what it means to make our time count?


Well what do I know?

I'm also stacked in this race for survival

Never in my life held a hammer and a sickle

And these bars do little than to pour out the guilt that's inside of me

Hypocrite as I may be

'least I know the stakes, and the bane of humanity

Our time is too short, but not short enough

To realize we need each other's help to make it through the rough

I don't mean to invalidate our grind

Just a self-conscious ode to mankind

We're all just ordinary people living ordinary lives

And we're all just passing by


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