Wag Kang Tus (Interlude)

The Lesser Of Your Greater Friends
Producer: Serena DC


Daddy, pahingi ng money

Kailangan ko to buy that new shit galing supreme

I need to show my swag

I need to show my ice

I need to show my followers I'm eating somewhere nice

Black Market kahit hapon, ganon ka-cool

I would rather be a hypebeast, kesa nasa school

Chong dude pare tol, let's go hohol

What's a fuckin' "tukmol", my dad said I'm one

Hundred peso bills in my pocket

Hundred thousand bill para lang sa jacket

So kakainis naman this traffic

I need to have my coffee fix at Yardstick

I'm buying LP's sa may Satchmi

Collecting vinyl, sobrang cool me

I'm hangin out with the altas sa may BGC

Take a selfie, gonna post it in my IG

Yaya, stop being BV

I just need my GV para beauty sa may party

Valkery, Gramercy, after nun sa Balesin

Chill na chill

Parang ice sa neck, then I'mma pop a pill

I'm a culture kid, under neon lights

Special snowflake with the crown within my sight

That's the logic, diba? I'm part of the club

Why you hatin me bigla?


Hook (8x):

Wag kang TUS bro, wag kang TUS!


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