Curtain Call

Ruby Ibarra
Producer: Digital Martyrs

Verse 1:

Check this South East, mouthpiece, hit ‘em with that loud speech

Funny that they doubt me, muthafukka crown me!

I’ll be rowdy, what you know about me?

Fuck all of that formulaic image that they tout me!

Act out, lash out, here to take the fast route

Brown out, I spazz out, then do it till I pass out

No cutout, or layout, cuz Ima get that phased out

My face out, my fist proud, so can you taste my name now?

The hell that I raise now, I break out my place now

No fakin’ my face now, I'm takin’ my name now

They greyed out, they gave doubt

The pigs out, no bail out

They made graves, but gave out

A false hope, we pray ‘bout

This country of dreams, but weaved in the seams, a system that feeds

On people that’s seen oppression, that means, a pyramid scheme

What’s in it for me? We searchin for cream,

in love with the green

American dream, a fantasy theme, they runnin’ supreme

Your back to the wall, your knees to the cracks

Can’t breathe when you lack the freedom, with that

They stab in the front ‘til you bleed in the back

They point and attack, ‘til you crack and that’s that

Eat up the facts, they feeding you, that’s

A key to the hack when they need you to act

In a way so they keep you believing you lack

Any sense of yourself ‘til you don’t get it back



Oh oh, when it’s curtain call oh, oh (4x)



Cuz when its curtain call

Who’s the person after all?

When the truth all start to fall

Will you rise or will you fall?

Systems that be standin tall

All the powerful involved

They been hopin that you fall

Will you rise or will you fall?

Tell me when its curtain call

Oh oh, when it’s curtain call oh, oh (4x)


Verse 2:

Cuz when it’s curtain call, will they all give you applause?

For playin’ the part they called you to be, you lose it all

Hopin’ that you don’t evolve, ‘cuz they know that’s the pitfall

Are you in it for the haul? Play a role and be involved

Did you follow protocol? Like they wanted you to brawl

Bloody knuckles ‘til you fall, curtains drawn ‘til you withdraw

Everything about you, nah, you don’t recognize at all

Person that you were, that’s all, this is when it’s curtain call

This is when it’s curtain call


Repeat hook


Outro (4x):

Cuz when the show ends and it’s curtain call

You die, you die


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