US (feat. Rocky Rivera, Klassy, and Faith Santilla)

Ruby Ibarra
Producer: DJ Nphared

Chorus (Klassy):

Island woman rise, walang makakatigil

Brown, brown woman, rise, alamin ang 'yong ugat

They got nothin’ on us (aye!)

Nothin’ on us (aye!)

Nothin’ on us (aye!)

Nothin’ on us

Island woman rise, walang makakatigil

Brown, brown woman, rise, alamin ang 'yong ugat

They got nothin’ on us (aye!)

Nothin’ on us (aye!)

Nothin’ on us (aye!)

Isang bagsak!


Verse 1 (Ruby Ibarra):

Yo fuck a story arc if it don’t involve no matriarchs

Our mothers work from the ground up, they craftin' air like ATR

With the butterfly sleeves naka Filipiniana

Pag nagsalita mga banat ay bala

‘Wag magtaka kung ako ay makata

Bulok na sistema, kurakot sa pera, bagsak!

But we puttin’ our heart into darkness

They puttin’ these pigs into office

Oh you thinkin’ you schoolin’?

But you hella lost ‘cuz you Betsy Devos while I taught this

But Look at my ate she movin so cold

Can’t hold a candle to her when she glow

Flick of the wrist with the ilaw she hold

Pandanggo sa Ilaw, she drippin’ in gold


Verse 2 (Rocky Rivera):

We pullin' up in a Jeepney

All of my soldiers greet me

Hand me bandanas and pull back my hammer

It’s warfare, when you see me

Skin you alive for my country, I live and die for my country

I kill a pig in a white hooded suit on the low....for my country

They got evil plans in the devil’s hands, but I don't pray cuz I organize

They got new ways to impose strength

But I teach mine how to mobilize

We don’t fight for the money, for the greedy, for the white man

All we want is our freedom

And the right to live on on our motherland


Repeat chorus


Verse 3 (Klassy):

Goddess of guerilla warfare in every lifetime

We don’t take no shit except an oppressor’s lifeline

If you step out of your line, I will protect what’s mine

Kahit merong rosaryo, sinong magliligtas sa’yo?

Puro dugo, pugot ulo, mula sa dagat hanggang mundo

Reclaiming what ours, the high and the low

These women are Gods, you already know

Roots deeper than water that run in our village

The river runs red, you’ll be dead in a minute

Like Nieves Fernandez, have you beheaded

Fuck with my tribe, quickly regret it


Verse 4 (Ruby Ibarra):

Abaniko sa kamay at isang mikropono sabay

At ang tapang ko gaya ng inay, at halimaw na ang sumasabay

Mga bara nyo lahat sablay, mga rappers na puro bangkay

Tinamaan ko lahat, patay, kaya walang magiingay

I got that, Filipino phenotype: kayumanggi, mestizo-white

But give me that moreno like that Rufio or Keno type

My lolas they be speaking like, those balisongs or bolo knife

I breathe the ether need no hype

Two tongues that’s sharper with a mic

Anino in my history like from a land where greed is weaved in tight

They thieve until one piso might just turn to C-Notes, see no light

Hacienda like Aquino, right? Rodrigo vigilante type--

They kill my titos left and right, when smoke and mirrors fill the night


Spoken Word (Faith Santilla):

So let it be known, if you don’t already

Pinays have always been part, and parcel, if not, imperative and critical to the struggle

Filipinas are no strangers to wielding our own power

Of all the privileges that exist in this world, none of which you may be a benefactor of

There is at least one you bear

And that is the privilege of having been born a Filipina

Your DNA contains building blocks made from the mud of over 500 years of resistance and survival

And when you are ready, sis, we’ll be right here


Repeat chorus


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