Ruby Ibarra
Producer: Moose The Coolest

Verse 1:

No need for introduction, you hear & you know why

Nose dive into an era where the beats are lo-fi

I put my “face in a book” 'cuz my people are “profiled”

We erased from the books and my people are told lies

Sky’s the limit? Go fly! Cali green? We go high

I mean back in ‘05, already knew I'd grow wise

But surprise, we grow thighs, double dose of broke lies

Til we dove in those sides of losin’ hope it goes by/

I got Bam to my left and Eric on right

Here to give a “New America” like Erykah Wright

Try to take my “title?” never “will” to inherit the “rights”

Yuh - Tacloban City's finest, put me on that 5 list

Color out the lines ‘cuz “I color” like ya iris

Hunger in my eyes, this is everything that I risk

Kill it with my tongue every time I spit a free

But the work is never done and believe I’ll never leave



‘Cuz I’m finally here, get your hands in the air

Now the greatest is here, I’ma make this my year

‘Cuz I’m finally here, yeah I’m finally here

Yeah I’m finally here, yeah I’m finally here


Verse 2:

If you call yourself a rapper, talk less, and take notes

We slay “sheep,” respect “GOATS”

We pray, sleep, and next toke

We take beats to flex throat

Finesse steeze to bless those

They say freeze! they test hope

We say peace, but stay woke!

Leave you cats phased to the point I catch praise

Rhymes turn to catchphrase ‘til it starts to cascade

Product of Mac Dre, Wu-Tang, and Kanye

Break beats on beat tapes that break necks

We press play

They say we from the slums where the heroes never won

But my people always sung, brown faces to the suns

Kill the satan wit my tongue, fuck the spinnin’

from the stations, I’m rotating ‘round the sun

The axis my mattress

I pass out and pass this, abstract to masses

Last laugh no practice, back to back raps, Manila Noir, bar for bar,

Homie check the repertoire

Ibarra with the bars, they sub-par while I set the bar!


Repeat hook



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