Ruby Ibarra
Producer: OJ The Producer

Verse 1:

I wrote this album ‘cuz I want my life to change

Tired of being shortchanged, I'm tryna remain sane

Hopped off the plane, didn’t stop all the pain

My father’s still in debt and we've been struggling to pay

For a bedroom up on Meekland Ave., reachin for just meeting half

Hands tied against the odds, how the fuck you even that?

The people from the slums once, now livin’ the humdrum

Mama from the barrio so we dreamin’ we can stunt once

Mama, I know it’s gon’ be fine wherever we go

‘Cuz we know, you raised this girl to dream and be a hero

What’s an ego to an eagle? I free flow when I speak though

My pipe dreams through a peephole, my skin so Filipino

But oftentimes my pride, inside, is fightin’ high tides

The day we broke the ocean was the day I learned to nose dive

Closed eyes, fingerprint ink with the most dye

Those times, mama never blinked, say the oath twice



I said mama we gon’ make it there someday (4x)

I said mama we gon’ make it here someday (2x)


Verse 2:

So whats a freestyle to me? I been doing as a 6 year old

Thinkin’ on my own 2 feet, survival pick & go

Pick a role - you can be the swimmer or a sunken soul

I was a 6 year old without a father figure role

No silver spoons or dinner rolls, so will you fold or will you go?

Pretend to sing like figaro, my people still invisible

When you the spittin’ image of a person that you hate

Makes sense im spittin images of dawn that never breaks

Nirvana never waits, I was a pawn of bitter fate

That spawned from inner hate, I never wanted to be great

I study my mother wonder how she holds this family

That minimum salary, stretched as much as it can be

She stressed but keeps that shit from me, I’m just tryna fit in, see

I crave for that acceptance like it validates my sanity

I wrestle with affirmations, settle for masking faces

After all, the stolen lands are always greener places


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

At school, reduced lunches while my mama skip her lunchtime

9 to 5 minimum wage, she at the bus line

Here I am, filling a page, waiting to bust rhymes

‘Til I’m nearing the day I’m getting cosigned

Snare rolls and punchlines to pay rolls and punch time

We take shows like crunch time, we braved those like front lines

My life on these lines ‘cuz we never had lifelines

And these days I’m scared of what might go through my mind

I flow like Rizal and I’m writing like Hagedorn

Mixed with Gabriela Silang, now watch as the page mourns

Say my name, it tastes foreign, type to make your face form in ways you never made

Born from another place, thorns couldn’t break away

Or am I just a break away?

From being center stage from off the page or will I fade away?

I never been the type to say I’m scared of what I have to face

‘Cuz all I ever knew is being me so all I ever need to say is…


Repeat hook


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