Ruby Ibarra
Producer: MTK

Verse 1:

The grass is green on the other side, but you cut it up and so the snakes will show

I got a one way ticket out this town, wait, never really knew I would go

But for my damn sake, I ain’t gonna sit, wait, this is my time and I know

That I ain’t ‘bouta waste another damn year, sittin’ here, thinkin’ if I’m gonna make it and blow

It go Circa ‘91, as we follow the trajectory

So check the text that I left for me, I do this ‘til the death of me

But I’m fruitless in my victory, if losin’ myself and my history

‘Cuz all of these systems depicting me, they buildin’ us up then eventually

We wear it like jeans are American denim, we act like our genes have American in ‘em

We fearin these mirrors, so how we be livin’, when given reflection no merit within ‘em

So tell me how much you wanna be like them? Eat like them, wanna be breathe like them

Change my speech till my teeth like them, teach myself I got a reach like them

‘Til you realize then, that you're denied when, you'll never be like them

I got a free mind when I’m stayin...


Hook (4x):

Way up, way up (make ‘em understand me that I’m)



Way up! I'm goin’ way up!

Deuces to haters ‘cuz my fingers raised up, they goin’ way up

Forever, will never, I never, gave up, I'm goin’ way up

All of them bringin’ me down, but I’m way up - I'm goin way up!


Verse 2:

They say some stories need to wait to be told, but I need a way to unfold

All of the weight of the people before me who never got chances to speak from they soul

That’s why when I’m speakin’ it: cold, mamas “degrees” ain’t valid here so

We never agree to be lesser than gold, cuz in our most basic of element know

We shine - just like the sun gets, remind me that I need to run less

From my insecurities holdin me back and that’s makin’ me feelin I’m one breath

Away from saying I’m calling it quits, when both of my feet feelin’ heavy, it gets

To thinkin’ that I got the weight of the world, on both of my shoulders or will it unfurl?

You see, I’m flawed as they come, huh? It’s odd to forget where you from, huh?

I’m asking myself: Ruby, when did you change? Was it when you believed that they won, huh?

But I’m goin’ up in the sky, high, I'm tired of livin’ that 9-5

I’m aimin’ for higher, I’ll never retire, I’m givin’ a riot, no closed eyes

When the cards down, I will never back down

Put us on the map, it’s a wrap when I’m back now


Repeat hook


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