7000 Miles (feat. Ann One)

Ruby Ibarra
Producer: OJ The Producer

Verse 1:

Hello America, break your backs for dollars, they don’t carry ya

7,000 miles away from home with language barriers

Land of opportunity, tell me is good to ya?

But 6 feet deep on stolen land is where they bury ya

November 1991, papa came here with a wife

2 daughters, no money, but they wanted them a better life

Piso to their name, so they piecing up the pain

Ain’t no peace in a position as an immigrant that’s prayin

For a piece of that Americana pie or for the C.R.E.A.M.

To appease the dream they sold you, but it only was a dream

For a piece of mind to thinking that my mama could be seen

As an equal not a foreign immigrant, or in between

I was a kid in the sky nothing but dreams in her eyes

Hopin that we would survive, but mama those were the times

They tellin us compromise, they always feeding us lies

Made to believe I don’t exist unless I wear a disguise

‘Cuz I been constantly lied to, broken down til I cry

Til I no longer recognize the person that was inside

Until we fade like the sun, and we forget where we from

Then we self hate til it’s done, and never question it once

So mama tell me won, the person that I become

I have a sword for a tongue and a skin that shines in the sun

And because the place that I’m from it still lingers deep on my tongue

And so every word that’s from my lungs can hold the weight of a ton

If I’m ever slippin’, I’m never looking down

I do it for myself, til the end I hold it down

And even when I’m sinkin, I’m never looking’ down

I do this for myself, til the end I hold it down


Verse 2:

Feeling homesick as we go, mama’s never really home

Cuz she workin all alone, livin broke, we need a loan

Papa threatened mamas life, papa left with no goodbye

Promised to myself inside no man will ever make me cry

Now I’m thinking that I’m grown, all I wanna do is roam

Runnin far away from home, in a crowd I feel alone

Mama she be workin late, lines are showing on her face

Too much pressure on her plate, I’m too selfish to relate

Auntie said stay in your home, might get darker cuz you prone

Look into the mirror, oh, Filipino blood and bones

Questioning my skin and tone like I should I be embarrassed though

Whiter skin is seen as gold, this is what we’re always told

Mama said to learn their way, every day I emulate

‘Til identity erased, overcome by inner hate

Teacher said to hide my tongue, they don’t understand me none

Hold my breath these foreign lungs too powerful they like a gun!

I’m correcting mamas words, I’m embarrassed when she slurs

What makes me better than her? this language wasn’t her first

Ruby can you get a grip? Find a balance, you might slip

Mom and Donna need you quick, stop thinkin’ that you the shit

7,000 miles from home, but a million more to go

Gotta make it on my own, I can feel I’m gettin’ close

7,000 miles from home, but a million more to go

Gotta make it on my own, I can feel I’m gettin’ close


Bass Guitar by: Chris Baylon


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